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    Oh jesus, the mirror halls. No, no, no, NO!! I grinded the merrevail deed on some characters and eventually gave up I think, 360 kills on just one char is way more than I can take in a lifetime (considering there are like... 20 of them in one run).
    First time I did the instance was back then, onlevel. It took us over three damn hours to get the mirrors in the main cavern right, and we almost gave up like ten times.
    It always sucked, and always will suck hard. The concept is good, and I mean it, but the reality is HORRIBLE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazelthorn View Post
    I feel like I got to be an expert in geometry to solve the puzzle and be able to visualize the whole dungeon three dimensionally in my head.
    I dislike that instance as well, but it doesn't have to be as bad. There are several guides and maps online with comprehensive visualization on how to arrange the mirrors.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazelthorn View Post
    One of the mobs also bugged, it kept respawning the defiler over and over. And dont forget to destroy the gift on the pedastal or you have to talk to broin again and redo the whole epic quest all over again...!
    That's not a bug, it's supposed to happen. If you're not fast enough, the Morvul will corrupt the mirror again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazelthorn View Post
    I really hope they come up with an alternative for that quest or let you skip it. I couldnt help but notice that the light pattern and floor pattern of the bottom floor creates a swastika, maybe im just imagining it who knows...makes sense though because it would reveal why im being caused maximum pain....
    I think you're seeing things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazelthorn View Post
    Do not solo with Minstrels, if you like to solo dont use that class. Why cant turbine or other MMOs for that matter learn the lessons of balancing the classes so people don't go hey, why the hell dont i make a warden??? forget guardian, which i really love, and just uber Warden it up, sorry free to Pay players!
    What? Minstrels are THE best solo class, especially during Moria when you have most of your traits and can use LIs. You have it all. Insane burst dps, mobility, self heals, self buffs... A minstrel is a small fellowship on its own.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazelthorn View Post
    Despite having Solo play i must confess that it still feels like im gonna have to fellowship or else. Ive found that mobs will spawn on you outside of the regular pattern when i solo, they will stack up in brutal combinations. Ill observe the spawn pattern and attack. Then im like, where the hell are these extra mobs coming from??? they just spawn out of nowhere as i discovered. I would pull the camera back and just watch em poof from the magical mob generator. Not really cool.
    If I remember Moria correctly, they have decreased the amount of mobs in the area and increased the spawn time. There's a possibility that you're not killing fast enough or that you're taking too much time between one pull and the next. Remember that you can 'kite' large groups of mobs while healing yourself, so pulling 3 or 4 shouldn't be a problem at all. I did Moria on my minstrel before 'The Great Nerf' and my only deaths were due to kiting off cliffs or crashing inside an orc camp -which used to be much more dangerous-.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazelthorn View Post
    This Moria epic, back and forth between llothlorian and Moria, makes me insane...make the epics self contained within one certain area the amount of travel is just ludicrous
    It is very annoying. Best advice I can give you is that you use one of those writs of special passage that you get from quests and the intro gift, and just try to hoof it and finish it all while it lasts, so you can at least swift travel to most places.
    And then, forever remains that change from G to E minor.

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    I rather enjoy Lumal-Nar, but I also enjoy puzzles. Inn of the Forsaken is much harder on groups. One person with the know how can get a group through Lumal-Nar. Inn of the Forsaken--someone always has difficulty avoiding the pressure plates.

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    Ah, this one... for some reason, I had some major problems the last time I went through (for the epic). I had done it about 3-4 times previously, and naturally I was completely flummoxed the first time, but it was relatively smooth after that. For some reason, this time around it was a real struggle, not in terms of the last set (in the cavern) but the one before. I think I spent a good 45 minutes trying to get my brain into gear (fighting a lack of sleep to boot) and figuring out which mirror I was actually supposed to get the light to, it didn't help that I was being rather 'experimental' with the mirror positions!

    Having said that, I think it's good to have something like this in the game. Gives the brain a bit of challenge from the usual 'Kill xx amount of orky Orcs', 'Fetch and retrieve' kinda quests

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    Mirror halls and light halls and etc etc.... those moria 3 mans.... oh my god I hate those levels SO. MUCH.

    I'd rather rip off my own face and eat it, than play any of those levels again.
    Can I has fixed Fornost and ITA lootboxes?

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    I disagree, Lumul-nar is one of LOTRO's best. Make more puzzle instances like this and you'll get a big thumbs up from me.


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