Hi guys! This is my first forum post, I hope I can participate more in the forums, since I found it to be very helpful in the past.

I recently made a new toon, a Dwarf Minstrel. I decided to make him a Tinker (Prospector, Jeweller, Cooking) since my other toon, a Hobbit Guardian, was a Scholar. I wanted to try something new, and jewelling sounded really interesting.

The problem is, I really want to try cooking, but I can't find other people to trade me spring barleys and such. I understand that one of the professions in the class is to built to have you trade with other people, but I don't find many traders in Dwarrowdelf. I've tried using the auction, but I can't find anyone to trade with. I'm now considering using a shared vault storage, so I can use farmed items from my Hobbit for cooking with my Dwarf, but is shared vault worth it? Is it shared only on one server or throughout the entire account? My top priority is to find other merchants, but I'm thinking of using this solution if I can't find other people to trade with.