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Thread: Farewell

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    Well as some may know as soon as the xfers are back up im gonna be xfering Garth to brandywine. I played on my freaver there and i gotta say its the server im lookin for. I will be on sometime on my alts. Ill probably come back later in a year or so,or whenever i feel like it ;p. Well its been good knowing you all,but will mostly miss welth(scrub), xik(for being my first friend creepside and kinda like mentor), Razz, Siphy,kami,cry,shap and Donvlad. </3 may Evilcooldudeckk guide you all (And special goodbye to thunderbuttz cause he wanted one)
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    Glad to know I'll be missed ;P

    Goodbye Garthong.
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    Nuuu Garth. Farewell, hope Brandy does good things for ya. Come back and chat once in a while so we can talk all things Evilcooldudeckk.


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    Another one bites the dust. I feel happy for Brandywine as they've gained an excellent WL. I feel sad for our tribe as now we have nobody to insult in the MotD.
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    -Good luck on Brandywine garth was great to have gamed with another r10+ Warleader.-
    -Truly stand out as one of the best no matter what others say, -
    -Brandywine is famous for its large scale battles, where Warleaders shine! -
    -Bestest of luck 2 ya -
    Shapcidrat SoM-RoR

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    See ya on Brandywine Estalen, I've got a RK over there. Its good fun
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    rip to the all of the brandy reavers as they will just qq about ur healing abiliities

    anwaway it was fun to play with u, see ya
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    Take care garth hope you enjoy the massive lagfests over there.
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