I recently reached level 85 on my captain. I've raided for quite a long time on a primarily healing runekeeper and semi-decent loremaster in the past, but I'm looking to be able to be a decent cappy for my kinship... Our cappies keep seem to leave for greener pastures. I've really enjoyed the class so far in 3-mans and 6-mans: But, let's face it, there isn't much challenge in those fights right now, unless you purposefully handicap yourself. Once I acquire some decent gear (not to mention virtues above r2 :/), I really need to work on my traits. Soloing and small grouping, I've found myself running 5r/2b or 4r/3b for obvious reasons. I'm fairly certain this won't cut it in BfE t2c, for example. I've asked other cappies and been thrown a wide variety of 'this is the best trait setup' with very few explanations as to why they made those choices. So.

For those experienced with the relatively challenging raids: What traits to you find yourself running for the Erebor raids situationally and why?

((I realize there HAVE to be other threads similar to this... But my searches tend to come up with gear build comparisons or outdated, non-situational, info. If you have links to applicable threads, feel free to post them.))