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    Question Discussion on Erebor Raiding Captain Traits

    I recently reached level 85 on my captain. I've raided for quite a long time on a primarily healing runekeeper and semi-decent loremaster in the past, but I'm looking to be able to be a decent cappy for my kinship... Our cappies keep seem to leave for greener pastures. I've really enjoyed the class so far in 3-mans and 6-mans: But, let's face it, there isn't much challenge in those fights right now, unless you purposefully handicap yourself. Once I acquire some decent gear (not to mention virtues above r2 :/), I really need to work on my traits. Soloing and small grouping, I've found myself running 5r/2b or 4r/3b for obvious reasons. I'm fairly certain this won't cut it in BfE t2c, for example. I've asked other cappies and been thrown a wide variety of 'this is the best trait setup' with very few explanations as to why they made those choices. So.

    For those experienced with the relatively challenging raids: What traits to you find yourself running for the Erebor raids situationally and why?

    ((I realize there HAVE to be other threads similar to this... But my searches tend to come up with gear build comparisons or outdated, non-situational, info. If you have links to applicable threads, feel free to post them.))
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    In Erebor, I tend to run 5B/2R most of the time. Neither BfE nor Smaug are really DPS races in the usual sense, so I find the extra healing to be more useful.

    When doing BfE with Inferno, I take Oathbreaker's Shame. I don't use it with Blood Brothers because of the risk of unbalancing the two trolls; it's probably handy for a T2C attempt if both Captains have it, though. It might also be good in Fires of Smaug, to make the most of the small windows of time when the Grim is actually vulnerable to damage.

    As for Virtues, I go with the standard Morale/Vitality + Tactical Mitigation setup I always use for raids. There's a lot of tactical damage flying around, especially with BfE Infero, so mitigating that is a no-brainer.
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    In general I go 5b/2y.

    I always keep Relentless Optimism and Now for Wrath slotted (even when soloing). Relentless Optimism makes our heals go from good to awesome, and Now for Wrath let's you use Shield Brother without the need for a LM to share power.
    I keep Fellowship-brother traited whenever I'm in a 6-man or raid.

    I'd say the most important thing here is Blood of the Numenor. Once Inferno hits you don't want to rez anyone with low morale, too big risk they will die straight away again.

    Doesn't really matter how you trait here really. You'll mostly be running up and down to valves as a captain, and SotD doesn't reduce the reflected damage from the firetenders. Defiance for a longer last stand and Strength from Within for a self-heal when running can be good traits to slot.

    This depends a bit. You might be asked to offtank one or several mobs, so it can be worth slotting some threat traits, as long as they don't hamper your healing too much. OB is practically worthless in here since there is no real high-morale mobs, but SotD can really save the day. Make sure you have a emblem with the SotD cd reduction legacy with you!
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    It takes a lot for me to switch from my basic 5b/2r mega-healing setup (4 Hyt Healer/2 Perseverance/high crit and might).
    Legendaries are F-Bro, Hands of Healing and IDOME. I may switch out IDOME in Flight T2 or BFE T2 for Shield of the Dunedain if the tanks requested it.
    I tried 5b/2y for a bit but it threw my rotation out of whack and healed less - not a good price to pay for an extra couple of seconds of Last Stand.

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    My raid setup differs strongly from my solo/fellowship traits where I run almost exclusively 5r/2b or 5b/2r with a corresponding capstone.

    The choice of Captain traits really depends on the group you play with. In groups which I was joining lately extra healing from 5b traits + capstone was not needed. This dictates my choice of 4b/1r/2y or 3b/2r/2y traits for nearly any raid. If I am asked to tank/agro something, I go 3-5 yellow depending on the task. In most cases I prefer to have SoTD slotted rather than any capstone and my typical choice of legendaries for Erebor raids is FB/IDOME/SoTD. If healing suddenly becomes an issue I would switch to 5b/2y.

    Like Vr00mie above, I prefer to have 2y in most raids. It is nice to keep the mark up on every trash mob which has to be killed and without 2 yellow traits it is not possible. This counts for both BfE t2c and Flight t2c raids where mobs have to die fast. For Smaug it really does not matter what you trait.
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    I know i'll probably be different, as I keep my trait setup from how it was in RoI. For my cappy, no matter what raid it is, generally I will keep 4r/3b. The capstones to me aren't that important in the Erebor raids. To me captain "dps" is still useful, regardless if its lower than others or not. Our healing even without the capstone is still quite impressive I've found. I just make sure to keep Relentless Optimism, Now for Wrath, and whichever one gives Words of Courage more healing. Then I just use red traits to up my damage. Even though I know these aren't dps races, its just my preferred style. I prefer to be a jack of all trades rather than just a healer or a buffer. Is it the best way to go? Who knows, but that's just what works for me.

    If less familiar with your playstyle/keep things on the safe side, then in Erebor I would go for more blue traits.

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