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Re-reading Zanwics lines at the top he wants opinions on who we think plays the best at their class...after reading some of these seems like people simply put who they liked the most or just put all tribe but whatev...here's my twocents. In the current day and age...

Burglar-Zanwic....even though last time we fought you popped 60s of TaG and 2 knives outs...you still hit the hardest.
Captain-None come to mind
Champion-I'd say Derlan but havent fought him since RoI...Glamak I suppose.
Lore-Master-Hey I thought I was pretty good...but Jag was best
Minstrel-Tst absolutely
Runekeeper-I hate to say it but Legona only RK to beat me since RoR went live.
Warden-I hate wardens

Blackarrow-Voodoos def one of the best but Nuubtuber is a beast.
Defiler-hmmmm.....Cilmean <3
Reaver-This is a sore spot for me since I wasnt mentioned once on the list...I think its because I have been so inactive but lets be honest people...you think druzik is the best at his class?..I wont derail this thread so ill just say Gorbat and leave it at that.
Stalker-Poor wargs, idk its hard to say they are in a tough place...Hey I like jokes, lets throw out Akart? lol
Warleader-Honorable mention to Brolluk...beat em once and once only.
Weaver-Shings! Faeweb!

And I cant help it...seriously any of you freeps want to spar my reaver let me know....I think maybe ill change your mind on your top picks

Awh i'm touched... he loves me really xoxox

Guess I should come back to give you a decent fight once more