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Nonsense. Yes, Peter Jackson took some liberties with it (as he usually does), but so what? It was a great read each time I've done so, and I'd very much love to be a part of it in LOTRO. The first significant victory for the free peoples in the War of the Ring is "hardly a blip"? Really? To each his own, I guess.

Yes, really. The entire battle was inside of a single 20-page chapter of (in my printing) an 1196 page story. Less than 2% of the trilogy. And while you may say it was the first "significant" victory, I say "Nonsense" to that. One could just as easily (I'd say 'rationally' except that we're on an MMO forum... lol) claim the bringing of the ring to Rivendell, or the freeing of Theoden - as the "first significant victory".

As for "to each his own", I call that disingenuous at best. To start by calling another's opinion "Nonsense" and then ignore the foundation of my point by referring to the very person (Jackson) whom I stated doesn't create lore ... it not a "to each his own" opinion. Unless you meant it in an Animal-Farm-like "to each his own [as long as it is done my way]" fashion.