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    Lottery Contents (Quantity)

    The "A Thing with Things" lottery illustrates why we'd like to see the quantity pretty well.

    I suspect you've set it to give 3 Draigoch Scales which is the amount needed to make one cloak, while a Single 'Draigoch's Scale' is almost next to worthless when its neigh impossible to acquire another 2 in the instances current state of unplayability.
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    I was thinking exactly the same thing.

    It's really nice that the system now shows what's in the lotteries after you've entered them and even after you've won one, it would also be very useful to know the quantities as well like the old system did.

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    Bugged it. Thanks.

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    Also, "ends tomorrow" is a very ambiguous deadline. It has been like that since I entered, which was yesterday. Now tomorrow is today, and it still says ends tomorrow...will this lottery ever end?

    Or...will it go on and on...my friends?

    (sorry, couldn't help myself )

    edit: I now see that it has "21 hours left" posted.
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