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Thread: Turbine Cards?

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    Turbine Cards?

    I have looked at 3 different walmarts and a GameStop for TP cards, but have been unable to find them. I have seen cards at 2 out of the 4 previously mentioned stores. Are Turbine Cards discontinued, or am I just inordinately unlucky?
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    Turbine cards

    This happened about 6-9 months ago also.
    GameStop stopped carrying the cards, except for what was left in inventory, now all gone.
    The only place you could get them was at Walmart. Now they too have stopped carrying them.

    Is it because of slow turnover of inventory? Or is it because WB/ Turbine doesn't want them sold outside their in game store now???

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    Unfortunately this is the case for me as well. My Walmart, about 2 months ago, redid all their game cards, and got rid of LOTRO along with a few other cards, as did my GameStop. My Walmart has the Ultimate Game Cards for $25, will those give me TB points, and how much?
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    Interesting because the store, https://www.lotro.com/en/lotrostoresale, just today indicates the Cards are on rollback at WalMart



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