In May 2004, Woody Hearn of GU Comics called for all EverQuest gamers to boycott the Omens of War expansion in an effort to force SOE to address existing issues with the game rather than release another "quick-fire" expansion.[27] The call to boycott was rescinded after SOE held a summit to address player concerns, improve (internal and external) communication, and correct specific issues within the game.

May 28th 2004
"Sony Online Entertainment have announced that, due to an almost universal player backlash against the next expansion pack that is seen more as a $30.00 patch for missing content, they are delaying the new EverQuest expansion by 6 weeks, and will 'spend time fixing the problems you have brought to our attention'. Also announced is a plan to fly some of the more vocal website people to SOE headquarters, to try to restart enthusiasm for what may be the last EverQuest expansion ever."

Expansion since the boycott.
1. Omens of War (September 2004)
2. Dragons of Norrath (February 2005)
3. Depths of Darkhollow (September 2005)
4. Prophecy of Ro (February 2006)
5. The Serpent's Spine (September 2006)
6. The Buried Sea (February 2007)
7. Secrets of Faydwer (November 2007)
8. Seeds of Destruction (October 2008)
9. Underfoot (December 2009)
10. House of Thule (October 2010)
11. Veil of Alaris (November 2011)
12. Rain of Fear (November 2012) and Shadow of Fear (April 2013) and Heart of Fear (July 2013)
13. Call of the Forsaken(September 2013)

The point in all of the above? I think we can all agree, does not matter if we are Raiders, PVPer's or Solo Player's, there are many parts of the game that are still broken and it needs to be fixed.
I have been playing this game since May of 2007, I have invested alot of time, money and love into this game. I care for this game so much and the kin that I have built, that I am not willing to just give up on it, instead, I want to stand up and fight for what I believe in and love. Not only that, I just want what I have already paid for to work as intended.

Guys this post is not here to bash Turbine or the dev's, it just to say why I will be boycotting Helm's Deep and not buying it until the things that I have already paid for get fixed.

1. Fire and Frost in Tower not working as intended.
2. Draigoch raid is bugged and Turbine knows it is bugged because when people report it to a gm, we get, this is a known issue.
3. Lag in Flight to the Lonely Mountain since the last update. Did not have lag before, so please dont blame it on my computer or my ISP, to many raiding kins are also reporting the same thing.
4. Loot. Though working as Turbine wants it to, not working for myself and alot of others.

That is my list and I hope that others come in and reply to this post what they see in the game as being broken and why they will be boycotting Helms Deep too.

Maybe, just maybe if enough of us post, they will see a bunch of people who love the game and just want to be given what we paid for in the past before we pay for the future.

If they are not fixing the bugs that we have now, how can they promise us a working as intended Big Battle? This is my biggest fear.

PS Turbine. Ramble On is a end game raiding kin of 46 members and though we are still raiding in LOTRO once a week, most spend all of their time and money now in Rift.

Quantar, Kin Leader of Ramble On