Okay so before I begin I want to stress that this is not a outright ##### fest. I know the lottery system is totally a optional thing that sapience does on his own, and I do appreciate the work and time he puts into it. Having missed out on some lotteries in the past because some or most of my toons where listed as too low level to get in on I was looking forward to the new forum system because I thought the new forum software was going to fix the problem between the lotteries and the information collection system. I might be wrong but that was one of the advantages that was coming with it. Well I log on today to check if any lotteries had been started up again and low and behold there is one but, most of my toons are listed as lv 75 and one is listed as lv 22 when she is almost lv 80. Is the problems with getting accurate character data ever going to be fixed?