Folks, a plea to everyone who wishes to include an image in your forum signature - PLEASE keep them within the Turbine guidelines listed here.

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We have enabled the ability for you to link to images for your signature. Please keep the following in mind.

Images should be no larger than 125 pixels high, and no wider than 350 pixels wide.


Signature Guidelines
  • You may link to one (1) image in your signature.
  • Images may not be larger than 350 pixels wide x 125 pixels high.
  • Images should be as small as possible (File size).
  • No animated images of any kind. Period. No exceptions.
  • No videos of any kind. Period. No exceptions.
  • Signatures must relate to LOTRO (no Xbox live gamer tags, etc).
  • Signatures must not be ‘billboards’ for your site. (You may add a simple link in the standard font size).
  • Must comply with the Community Guidelines.

We'll remove any animated images we see and if it continues to be an issue we will simply disable the ability to have images in your signatures.
The quote below was just posted by Sapience today:

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The team was discontinuing a feature that made the signature creator possible. So to make new signatures meant making a new version of the thing they were getting rid of (because it performed poorly and would require a change to the game engine to fix and improve) and then making a new signature tool. None of which was on the table. So no signatures at all was the decision.

I decided players should have some kind of image and was told I was going to have to shut it off in two weeks becaue players wouldn't follow rules. I'm trying to prove them wrong. The very simple reality here is either they're going to be right or I am and it's 100% up to players which it is.
I've already seen several images larger than the guidelines permit. Please edit them to conform to the guidelines, and avoid ruining the option for the rest of us.