This is something I've seen used on the SWTOR forums and I think it would be incredibly handy. In any thread in which a dev, mod, or other Turbine employee has posted, there is a button on each of their posts that (if applicable) would automatically send the reader to the next post by a dev, mod, etc. It can get tiring to be in a very long thread with oodles of pages, having to skim to locate the next post by a staff member. Having this feature would mean players could skip all the general chatter and get straight to the next dev post with a click of a button.

Now, I know we do have the Dev Tracker, but that is a lot more vague. If I wanted to read all the posts in a long thread that were made by a dev, I'd have to open all of them in new tabs (which can be a pain if the thread has a lot of dev posts). With the "next dev post" feature, I only need to have one tab open and can get to the next dev post really quickly.

The 20 Questions - Big Battles thread is some 11ish pages long last I checked. So far there are about 25 posts that were made by a staff member. That's a lot of new tabs to open and look through. xD