Sooooo, looks like theres another heading out, kinda getting bored right now with cappy. Server transfers are coming up soon and once those are up ill be back on. I think most ppl know but im going to head to Crick. gunna go to a smaller server so I can maybe get more small group/solo action instead of all this 1 sided zerg/camps. gunna miss most of yall out there. all u guys from ceaseless. Kraum I love ur accent and always a fun guy to talk to/make fun of ppl with. welth same with u, prolly one of my best closest friends on the server. Jonp, u like...duh coolest guy ever. and listning to u rage in vent, funniest thing ever. but ur definitely a cool dude. Mal, one of the nicest guys ive met and ur a pretty good hunter. Garth u need to L2Pro. Also idk if any of u guys will read this but, Dagarond, Damallon, Nefandus, Squidwood, Dragenborn. u guys have been with me ever since ive rolled cappy, u helped me get thru a lot lvling him and I thank u all for that. Evo ur a pretty chill dude, drama free and all dat.

Had a lot of good memories on this server, and im definitely gunna miss it. maybe one day ill get "server-sick" and come back. but tbh it kinda brings a tear to my eye leaving all the good memories behind. ;(
ill still come on every once and a while to say hi to friends. so don worry

anyway, deuces everyone

~Brom<insert name that involves calling me a failure even tho I farm u all. im the best cappy on the server. no qq>
haterz gunna hate