Hi. I'm an American looking for a Kin. My time zone is EST/GMT-5. (I don't have anything against joining a European Kin, just letting you know that there *is* a time difference.) I speak English (American, yes, but it still counts) and Japanese.

I'm 26 (nearly 27) years old. I play an Elf Rune-Keeper, currently lvl 33 named Margiel. I'm still not completely clear about what role a Kinship plays in the game, but I'm interested in joining one and finding out. I mostly like to play solo, but I do need some help with Fellowship quests. I have no problem with sharing resources I don't need, etc. How long I'm in game depends on the day. I'd say I'm usually casual to medium, with some days being hardcore.

I'd appreciate any suggestions for kinships anyone might have. ^_^