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    Can Burgs literally get in EVERYone's grill?

    Wanted to put this up both as a way to find out if this is accurate and maybe to propose some new angles on using your burgy. Please let me know if I have anything wrong, or if there's maybe a better skill set to use.

    Some combination of Flight and Orthanc trash pulls where you'd have a lot of mobs attacking the raid, some need mezzed

    Traited 5 Blue:
    Swift and Subtle - Subtle Stab = +10% damage, 15s resistance debuff on gambled targets
    Footpad - Diversion = 60% debuffing gamble chance
    Leaf-walker - Provoke from Stealth = 60% disabling gamble chance
    Honed Wit - Clever Retort = -30s CD, usable in any stance
    Even the Odds - Escape Clause = -300s CD, +50% gamble chance for 60s after use

    Traiting at least 4 blue gives a +40% chance on gambles for 30s after scoring a Devastating Critical hit, and the buff can be extended for another 30s with the legacy.

    Traited 2 Yellow:
    Perplexing Riddle - Riddle = 5s stun then 30s daze
    Trickster - Dust in the Eyes = AoE affecting 3 targets

    Dealings Done - allows Gambler's Strike, +10% gamble chance
    Sweep the Leg - -40s Trip CD, Trip doesn't break stealth
    Exposed Throat - 20% chance for FM

    Weapon Legacies
    Subtle Stab Damage Multiplier (Major)
    Subtle Stab Critical Multiplier (minor)
    Lucky Strike Cooldown (minor)

    Tools Legacies
    Aim Cooldown (Major)
    Gamble Chance (Major)
    Devastating Critical Buff Duration (Major)
    Sneak Movement Speed (minor)
    Stealth Level (minor)
    Clever Retort Damage and Healing (minor)

    All of the above legacies maxed

    4 pcs of Hytbold Knife set to make next Aim attack a Devastate
    2 pcs of Erebor Gambler set for damaging and restoring effect

    The Gamble Chance legacy along with Dealings done give a 30% extra chance on gambles, so Diversion and Provoke are almost guaranteed since they start at 60%. After the Devastating buff of +40% Gamble chance, all skills that can proc a gamble are guaranteed, as the base chance is 25%, so adding 25% + 30% + 40% = 105%.


    Improved Riddle (stun/daze target #1, still stealthed)
    Diversion (debuffing gamble on target #2, still stealthed)
    Trip (FM on target #3, still stealthed)
    Aim (devastate hit from 4-set Hytbold Knife bonus)
    Provoke (daze target #4, proc devastating crit buff of +40% gamble chance fom 4-blue bonus)
    Out of stealth
    Enrage (Mischievous Delight requires trick)
    Mischievous Delight (daze target #5)
    Start constantly spamming Improved Subtle Stab for Delight CD
    Gambler's Strike (upgrade daze on target #4 to 60s)
    Exploit Opening (FM on target #6)
    Escape Clause (+50% gamble chance trait, resets Gambler's)
    Gambler's Strike (upgrade daze on target #5 to 60s)
    Disable/Counter Defence (Clever Retort requires trick)
    Clever Retort (debuffing gamble on target #7)
    Dust in the Eyes AoE (from trait, Startling Twist requires trick)
    Advanced Startling Twist (stun and damaging gambles on targets #8, #9, #10)
    Burglar's Advantage (after random crit from Improved Subtle Stab)
    Double-Edged Strike
    Exposed Throat (possible FM on target #11)

    After this, you can keep rotating with Aim for a minute devastate bonus on gambles, then Mischievous for the disable followed by Gambler's Strike for upgrading it. You can keep 2-3 targets mezzed indefinitely.

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    Oops, my maths isn't guud. for the gamble chance after the devastating buff, I was thinking about the 50% from escape clause...but 95% chance is still next to assured.

    Also wanted to add that assuming it takes 1 second per skill, including the subtle stab spamming, this whole sequence takes about 30 secs from initiating sneak to popping exposed throat..

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    Hey that's all great!......... if you don't get caught by aoe along with puddles. But I do like to test my healers.

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    theres a way to keep dozens of targets mezzed as a burg...but its pretty hard to pull off and requires some luck when there are more mobs around :P



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