So the other day after never doing much outside of fervour on my champ..I tried going 4 blue 3 red, and experimenting with set pieces etc. while running glory in the moors..and yknow..its actually not that bad, in fact its..surprisingly GOOD, 1v1s I feel like I'm much better off, group fights I haven't don't much with but I feel like it would lose most its value then. But this isn't about fervour VS glory. This is about all you people who constantly find ways to excuse your losing in spars, I got called out multiple times for using a "cd" (which I think shouldn't matter anyway, but I typically refrain from using due to drama.) Now it wasn't just 2 or 3 times, it was EVERY. SINGLE. FIGHT. I didn't even use bracing attack because apparently that was a little bit too much for these guys, but even without that, I guess the heal that glory auto gives you if you drop below 25% morale (I think thats the number?) is considered a CD. So every time the 1v1/spar got to a certain point, Creeps and freeps alike called me out on it, I didn't use half the skills on my quickslot bar because apparently using skills makes the fight unfair.(perfectly logical right?) But the fact that some people are calling my TRAIT-line a "CD" is a pathetic excuse for not being very good at pvmp.

Now I come from both sides, creep on one server, freep on another. Let me just say this...a rank 0 freep is better off than a rank 0 creep. That's just a fact, but r6+ on both sides it where the fights start getting interesting, I'm not one to complain, but the rank 13 WL with 27k morale who spam heals himself in 1v1s should NOT get mad at me and my little 10k morale pool when I pop dire-need. (I'm rank 6!) Nor should the rank 8 reaver get mad when my trait-line(yay glory, its my new found glory) does what its supposed to whilst utilizing everything he can against me.

My stance on CD's, use them when its actually appropriate, if the f2p rank 3 reaver starts beating you in a spar by sheer luck and the fact that you have a hangover due to late nights of drinking and glff rants, let him have it. He's probably had a sad pvmp career up until this point so don't pop your bubbles+dire need and let him get the kill. (just an example, I know how all you elitists feel, no one should lose to a low rank freaver.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is CD's are a big part of the freep quickslot bar, We've spent 85 levels accommodating to these skills and utilizing them to their best effect, only to get shamed for using them when the situation is CLEARLY fair. Some people abuse them, but not all of us, and frankly I'm done with the shenanigans, I'll take the zergs with pride..cause I feel like using everything I have to beat that stupid high rank god-mode creep