Exiles of Arnor is a casual/social kinship on Dwarrowdelf looking for new and old players alike. We are primarily made up of European and North American players so are not a 24 hour kin, but are happy to accept any and all comers.

We try to be friendly and usually anyone that asks for help questing in kin chat receives multiple replies. We have a number of guild crafters that are happy to help out just for the asking, though we may request materials from new members and always request rare materials (Symbol of Celebrimbor, Tarnished Crest of Rohan, etc.) be provided, otherwise we have a strict no charge policy on crafting.

Though a casual kinship we regularly run 3 and 6 person instances of all levels and have a small, but dedicated group of level 85 players that enjoy the Moors and other end game content. We don't raid yet, but that is as much numbers as logistics and can change as we grow.

We will soon be offering Class classes for kin members, because playing a class solo does not often translate well into group play.

We have a list of kin rules on http://exilesofarnor.shivtr.com, but the only ones we usually have to enforce are no swearing in kin chat and no selling to kin members. We ask players to keep the drama to a minimum and be respectful of others as we are all here to have fun.

Please contact us in game if you would like to join or just want more information before deciding. Any officer can help you, but our recruiting team currently consists of:
Gamfi - Kinship Leader (I have 10 alts on this server, so do not check mail daily but try to every 2-4 days)
Radbud - Successor
Lillel - Officer
Pogma - Officer

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope to see you in game.