I was cleaning up an alt's old LI's from when cap was 65. I deconned a bunch for shards since I only had about 4500 across my account. I started thinking of ways to increase this and I checked out what I could get for Rusted Dwarf Tools and Khuzdul Tablets.

Turns out you can get fused bronze relics for them! And for Khuzdul Tablets you actually get 2. When opened, these give multiple T1 relics. Suddenly I found I had over 200 fused bronze relics which gave over 3,000 T1 relics! I want to Refine all of them to get 3,000 shards. (Some people suggested combining up to a T9 relic, but according to the wiki, ( http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Relics#Refining ) 1 T9 relic takes 19,000 T1 relics and when refined only gives 1,500 shards.)

I just about wore out my mouse button tonight combining and refining a majority of my T1 relics. But this is only 1 of 5 toons with lots of Rusted Dwarf Tools and Khuzdul Tablets... I shudder at the thought of Refining all those T1's one at a time.

PLEASE add an option in the Relic Mater panel that allows one to REFINE (not Combine) multiple relics at once.