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    Request a Signature!

    Since we now have the possibility to make and link our own custom-made signatures, all that's missing is the traditional Request-a-sig thread!

    You don't have any Photoshop skills and yet want the whole forum to know how awesome your character/kin/crafting skillz are? Don't fret, we are here to help. Just post a request here and a kind artist will whip up a nice forum-guidelines-compliant signature for you!

    Recommendations for the requester:

    Try to provide as much information as possible. If you want your character in it, linking* to a screenshot of him/her is ideal. If you have a specific style in mind, don't hesitate to link* examples.

    * link, don't embed!

    Recommendations for artists:

    Respect the guidelines as described here.

    Most importantly, the image should be:
    - 350 pixels wide x 125 pixels high maximum
    - saved in .jpg, quality 8 (or less) - target size is 50kb-ish

    I'd suggest that artists "claim" a request by quoting it in a new post so we can keep track of who's doing what.


    *** Note that this thread is just a test, I don't know if there will be enough interested requesters and/or artists to make this work - so please be patient and above all courteous ***
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    I think this is a very good idea! I may give it a try, depending on my free time + inspiration days.

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    Yay, the pool of artists already grows!

    I also thought that it would be a good way to positively police and channel people's signature cravings by providing images that 1) don't make your eyes bleed and 2) are guaranteed to follow the forums' guidelines.
    [CENTER][URL="http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?508409-Scenic-Arda"]Scenic Arda[/URL] - [URL="https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?532343-Scenic-Helm-s-Deep&p=7014227"]Scenic Helm's Deep[/URL] - [URL="https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?519168-New-forum-skin-light-theme"]Forum Light Theme[/URL][/CENTER]

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    I'd be up for some requests. I specialize in text effects and type setting. Not much of an art design guy though.

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    I have no specialty, I just make things :P kind of like fiddling until it looks right I suppose.

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    I'll throw my hat in the ring as a helping artist. Example below, any request I'll do as I can

    Either post here or PM.

    Yay for images in sigs, and yay for community!

    +rep to Taravith for getting this going!
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    Nice idea.
    I may be up for making sigs if i can find time.

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    Thank you, all you fantastic artists, this is a very generous offer you are making. I kinda want a pretty signature, but I don't really know what kind yet. I'll think about it and get back to y'all! Yay!
    Narlinde ~ Minstrel, Singer of the Lament of Windfola

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    What a faboo idea.

    I love Photoshop. The more I get to play with it, the better
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    here is my sig request to all you talented people

    Text: Benisia the knife in the dark
    Image: i want like a dark picture with a blured human shape in it if you kinda get me haha

    if you want to add anything else thats fine but i want it to be like dark and mysterious


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    I have had a feeble attempt for myself (see sig below) but would appreciate a truly creative type to assist.

    Re taste: My only requests-not too cartoony/old school comic booky. (Although I have had my eyes opened before-in music, lit and pop culture so am open to persuasion!)

    I like abstract graphic design, edwardian steam punk, art nouveau, most impressionists, Pre-Raphaelites, Brett Whitely, Howard Arkley, Ricky Howell, ancient myths and symbols fascinate me, the game's beauty and the original art work in TLOTR continue to entrance me. Now there's a brief! LOL

    Seriously, any help would be appreciated.

    some pics here,

    I made them public but most are too dark and on low graphics. I hope it works-if not PM me please

    and my thanks, in advance.
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    Greetings! If anyone would be willing to assist I'd appreciate it, as I have no skills whatsoever with photoshop. I'm looking for something fairly basic actually, but trying to get the photo cropped correctly and the right font at the right size has been challenging. Here is a screenshot I'd like to use as the background: http://i810.photobucket.com/albums/z...hot00871-1.jpg, and I'd like a font suitable for an Elf and in a color that compliments the scene with the text "Tuiliel of Lothlorien, Dark Hunter". I made an attempt below, but the font isn't as legible or as Elf-like as I'd like.

    Many thanks to anyone gracious enough to offer their skills!
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    Minnesota, USA
    I can offer this as well with mine below. Doesn't have to be just like mine (I'm a horse person who has to have her favorite War Steed on hers!)...



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