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    Apr 2008

    Gratz on the bunny ears, Orcchops!

    You're one hardworking reaver! Was hoping to beat you there, but you've blown me out of the water! Gratz on 12!

    Misadventure - R14 Hunter, Fatwanda-1 - R10 Guard
    Velvetsixteen - R13 Reaver, Reported - R11 Warg, Gloriousleader - R10 WL

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    Jan 2012
    Grats chops. Have fun riding the purple warg. I'm sure green can change his name to purplehippo.
    Warisi(Champ).......Rangers of the West
    Philladeas(WL), GrumpyCat(Warg)...Soldiers Of The White Hand
    DocPhil(Defiler), HardCharger(Reaver).....Shadow of the West
    1/2 of the WLBrigade

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    Gratz on R12. Keep exploiting impale all the way to R13 you naughty little OP reaver.

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    Sep 2010
    in the moors
    Thank you all for the grats in this thread and past ones. The bunny ears are great, i swear i got a meter further on my reaver long jump into the one shots today at GV, and my purple warg hasn't shown up yet...

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    Grats on Rank 12!!! That's a lotta dead freeps in your wake.

    Onwards to 13 and first ages... Oh wait that freeps...

    Onwards to 13 and... more dead freeps?!?!

    Always good to see you out in the moors.
    Merridan - Burglar lvl 105 (Rank 12)
    Gormadan - Minstrel lvl 105 (Rank 4) : Traldan - Captain lvl 105 : Celebdan - Weaver (Rank 11)

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    Grats, you should bring your hunter back out now.
    Ishrah Rank 11mini Zapcicles R11rk- Skill and Valour
    Sloweagle Rank 11ba Tarprazjr R12warleader Necroish R9 defiler

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    Seems every time I grats you, you rank up. Grats again Orc!



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