Alright, so I am a new burglar and so far I am loving it just as much as I did the Runekeeper, although the combat is a smidge less stale compared to RK. I am making this thread in the hopes that I will get some answers to my current questions and possibly future ones I have, so here goes:

So I am taking a look at all of the trait lines available to burg, and I can tell this much: red is focused on straight up damage, but what about the other two? Do they focus on debuffing in different ways, and how do they work? Also, what trait line would you suggest for leveling and for what reason?

Now for my 2nd question: I currently have 2 tricks at my disposal at lvl 26: Dust in the Eyes and Disable. Disable is very useful for pretty much every mob I come up against, while dust in the eyes.... not so much. If I traited for the dust in the eyes thing and paired it with the 5 min evasion cd, sure it'd be awesome for surviving a bunch of adds, but besides throwing it on a mob so I can get a quick heal from Mischievous Glee, there doesn't seem to be much point in it. The movement speed decrease is barely noticeable and makes the mob somewhat kitable... if I wanted to just throw rocks at em for whatever reason. The question, to make it perfectly clear, is that im wondering if Dust in the Eyes is even worth sneezing at? I mean it could be useful on ranged mobs... only problem is, you have to be in melee range to use it. And by that point, Disable is the clear winner as it does a small amount of damage, lowers their attack damage and lowers their attack speed.

Thank you again in advance for any and all responses, and please even if you don't quite know the answers, input your opinion, i'd rather some response and feedback instead of just a layer of dust collecting over this thread. Thanks and don't mean to sound snooty!