1. Why not let defilers and reavers ,( just a thought now ) the only two classes to be able to make legendary armor . Like spiders would get a carapace, wargs body armor, and rest reg armor outfits , that we like freeps can level up to our liking ?

2. Let others able to make potiont's and food as good as the freeps can make .

3. Have an auctioneer at Grams to put up the stuff for people to buy, also this way people can sell off quest items, or boxes or keys whatever, and make having money in the moors mean something .

4. Make the keeps more harder to keep, a keep should be won by an army not a group of freeps or creeps.

5. Make the Op's Flippable after a hour long timer, to keep OP flippers from hanging round to only flip it back. Make em worth fighting for, and Give out like 100 comms or something each time u flip it.

6. Make the bleeds less damageable, and or give creeps more damage to our bleeds .

Only need a few lil things to make us creeps happy lol , and would even out the system somewhat .