Hey guys, since our old sigs aren't working right now with the new lotro site, I was browsing along and saw someone with this neat signature that I put in for myself! I actually like this signature better than the original ones, and figured I pass along the message of how to do it!

Steps for doing this:
1. Go to http://www.siglaunch.com/create.php
2. Find the box that says "Create a LOTRO Sig" and click on it.
3. Customize your signature the way you want it to be.
4. Preview Signature to see it before you save it.
5. Save Signature
6. Copy the BBCode
7. Sign into your forum account and find the "Forum Actions" tab, then go to "Edit Profile".
8. Go to "Edit Signature" on the right hand side and copy it in, and voila, you have a new, nifty forum signature!

I personally think this one is better because you can put more customization into it, and shows more about your character! The only flaw I see in it is it doesn't show your rank, that's about it though.