Well, it goes without saying that EC camping remains a problem... It's such a bad problem that most freeps actually get upset and angry when you even question the value of fun and experience that this type of gaming provides to a casual or non-casual player. The moors have always been cursed and maimed by this black hole of a map location.
Playing video games and MMOs should be fun, character building, and about meeting new people. EC camp, solo, self-indulgent attitudes are the unfortunate poison that prevents any of this, therefore, I am introducing myself as a raid leader and I am pushing that others do the same.

If any freep sees me on, I implore you to join me. 1, 2, 10... doesn't matter I'll accept anyone of any skill level that is at least level 85. Let's actually dominate and improve the moors... it will bring a healthy intake of renown (if that's your goal), fun for both sides (whether you're dominating or not), a challenge to the Moors environment, etc. If you see me on, please don't be afraid to send a tell and join me!

- Necrolagniatic