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    At 12:02 AM August 17th, the LoTRO festivals became self aware....

    Farmers Faire: You will now ENJOY me or you will be lagged out of existence...muahahahahaha....

    Fall Festival: Just wait for me....you will discover a new meaning for pain and suffering....FORCED EMOTES! And your silly check box will NOT save you!

    Yule Festival: Child please...does the term 'Frozen Screen' mean anything to you?
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    There does seem to be a significant number of folks who are not interested in the festival content or specifically do not want to participate in them. Perhaps Turbine could create specific 'festival free' servers that they can port their characters to. Then, they'd never have to worry about the "annoying" alerts popping up.

    This would be in keeping with the OP's desire and give them the option to leave instead of their desired change requiring those who like the festivals being required to port out.

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    Or they could just fix the alerts and not have to create dedicated servers for festival free zones.
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    +1 to making "decline festival" really decline. I hate being in combat, leveling and having 1/4 of my screen occluded. Same with the change of status window, give us a shut status window" off" option not just a "resize" option. Every freaking time I log on, level, have a legacy lvl, get mail, have a AH post sell or expire, complete a deed, earn a deed, earn a title, earn a TP, gain rep etc. etc. etc. I have to have a status window pop up and take 1/4 of my screen as well and have to "x" it out. (yeh I tried resizing it to lower the annoyance factor, but then my chubby less than dexterious fingers have a harder time hovering the mouse over the "x" in corner of the screen).

    As to festival rewards, I, like the OP find the festival mildly annoying. There are no tangable rewards IMO. If there were a coinage system that was convertible to say skirm marks etc. then folks like me might pop in to the festivals now and then and participate. Who knows they might actually grow on us, but barring me getting something game play enhancing other than cosmetic, don't count on it

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    Unless you want to try to argue that the Summer Festival took out LOTRO, DDO, AC, and IC all at once. In which case the festivals have become self aware and there is nothing we can do to stop them.
    Comment of the week right there. Haha.

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    The festivals have been around forever. I do think when they are active there is a 'little bit' more lag. However I don't think they really contribute to the game play issues as a whole. You will have problems with long loads, rubberbanding, lag, etc even when no festival is active. There are instances and raids that are a real trial just because of the lag issues alone. The list of things making actual game play a trial are growing rather than lessening so let's not blame it on festivals. I, for one, love the festivals and to suggest getting rid of them is like suggesting getting rid of the housing. I don't understand much about game programming. While I love the graphics, I could have easily lived without the redo's to Bree, etc and been much happier with game fixes. I really wish they'd put the focus on THAT. Nuff said...

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    Never had a crash or lag due to a festival. Stopp qq'ing and upgrade your puter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadedarkheart View Post
    Everytime they have an update prior to some festival, we start to have issues trying to log on or play without crashing. It is obvious that the servers cannot handle all the people that play on a server at one time, hence the slow downs, etc. I see topics arout fishing not working, not being able to log on and so forth and so forth. My son and I have been kicked out of the Dwarrowdelf 3 times today. The weekend is the only time we can play together. Why not set up a single server for festival #### only? Perhaps it can only be accessed during the time of some festival or special event.

    Yes, festivals are supposed to bring about a sense of community in the online world, but instead it is doing something else. It is pissing people off because of all the disconnects and bugs that appear because the update/additions are rushed out the door. How about just keeping the Christmas/New year festival only to give people something to do and chuck the rest. Realistically, most of the stuff you get or win cant be used in the game anyway. I did say 'most' and not all, keep that in mind. How about some cosmetic armor/clothing that actually protects you or fireworks that can damage monsters.

    Create a consistent uptime server and you will have a consistent customer base.
    How much players have more login/connection problems when there are festivals? I don't have more problems then and I only have a normal everyday life computer, so simply no gaming pc.

    Then, instead of repeating, I'm quoting:

    Quote Originally Posted by Maglaf View Post
    1 server about ALL these people who want to participate in festivals?This server wouldn't even stand 5 minutes without crashing!
    Quote Originally Posted by shadedarkheart View Post
    I do realize that it would take more than one server to handle festival duties for all LOTRO players, maybe even 5-10. Yes, there are small communities and also kinships that like the festivals, but is it really as large as you assume it is? I have talked with other game players as well and many of them, just like myself, have avoided (decline) them. My time is limited and if I am going to do the festival stuff, I want real tangible game stuff that can be used to help me during the LOTRO journey, not just look pretty and take up space in my vault or inventory.
    So: at first, festivals should improve the community on a server. With your "festival servers" it's likely to start up a new community but that wouldn't improve the community on the original server because the people propably wouldn't be on the same festival server.

    And I think you underestimate the audience the festivals have. When there are some festivals there are sometimes no people searching for instances or things like that anymore in the GLFF - in the evening when most players are online. Yeah, most people searching for instances are at the endlevel, but if you go to such a festvial you'll see at least as much players which aren't 85 (atm) or propably even more players which aren't 85 but 24 or 46 or 37 or 69 or hat else. So THERE IS a huge audience for the festivals throughout all levels...

    Quote Originally Posted by shadedarkheart View Post
    Obviously, you are entitled to your opinion, as is everybody else. But I am not sure how much playing time you get when you play, so maybe if you play alot then the crash/disconnects in the game are a small part of your time. Unfortunetly, I work long hours during the week and this is how I relax on the weekend. I also put in a good amount of money into this account and help my son with his account and feel that my benefit to cost ratio is not really there during these festivals. Perhaps I should stop doing that and just play the game for free, like many others. That should keep the server and turbine up and running for many more years.
    And again the festivals have little to do with the connection problems. There is propably another cause - maybe even no fault of Turbine anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by shadedarkheart View Post
    I would like to see Turbine put the festivals up to a vote to either get rid of all, most or none of them. Perhaps even change the gifts and prizes value to you during actual gameplay by some other vote. I still think that moving the festivals to other servers will allow the developers to create a better experience for those that choose to attend and well as allow for more customization of those drinking and eating with the hobbits.

    I cant wait till this festival ends so I can get back to playing with the least amount of connection/crash issues.
    Why should Turbine do this?! As already said there is a huge audience and not for no reason they introduced the Farmers Faire last year (and also the Anniversary grew with it's 5th last year). The players want rather more than less festivals...
    At the moment there are 6 festivals(Yule, Spring, Anniversary, Summer, Farmers Faire, Autumn/Harvest) and various other little events(Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners, Bilbo's and Frodos Birthday, Treasure Hunt/Buried Treasures) and Welcome-back-weeks/weekends in one year.

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    I could see no reason to abolish festivals. They may be fun and inspiring, attract players/re-invite old ones...and let's be honest - to make some profit. Just because this cool quest is so cool I will spent all mithril coins for unlocking it again and again...
    Lag problem does exist, but only at begining (I do remember this "Farmer faire" at the first day - however, I was not kicked from Withywindle. However, lag can be beaten only if no one is interested in festival. Gather 500 people in one area, make them move - and lag is guaranteed.

    Rewards are mostly good. There are players who enbjoy cosmetic dresses - why upset them? If I don't like them and never use them - others like and use. It's a good tradition to have mounts, mount cosmetic for each festival.

    The problems:
    1) quests are made poorly. They do depend upon "eat or be eaten" and light-speed reflexes/superb internet connection - or pure luck (like you will get good fish or 100% bad one). I do remember one non-festival quest from other mmorpg: it required 2 players, one brought one side of a scroll, another -another part and only then quest could be completed. No one is afraid of grind, so there could be quests like "kill 500 spiders in Bree land for 1 token" or "produce 100 barrow iron ingots for 1 token".

    2) too many unused previous festival items, strarting with fish ending with roses just using wallet space. I would not mind exchanging each position into 10 copper coins...

    3) sometimes - too hard to get festival tokens. "farmers faire" is one of such example, unless you are very succesfull at prediction (like "item NN will spawn within 3 seconda t 2,2 X 99,9 W) and have no problems in following law of the jungles.

    These are the obvious flaws. However, should developers listen to players or Players Council - they may make festivals interesting. It's like to have a car and see it needs repair...and tell "since it requires cosmetic repair, I don't need lame car, let's get rid off cars"...

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    The problem I'm seeing with at least the Farmer's Faire is that activating it broke at least two other parts of the game. Dressage is back to being broken, and there are no longer any half-orcs in Nan Laeglin or Dunland. Go stand at Cartrev Matho, the camp in Trum Dreng, or the road near Isengard, odds are there will be zero mobs of any kind within line of sight... Hopefully they'll fix these bugs (again, in the case of Dressage) soon, but I'd really prefer that they be more careful about not breaking things in the first place.

    Never seen any issue regarding crashes/lost connections with festivals. And I certainly wouldn't want them to be abolished!
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