Everytime they have an update prior to some festival, we start to have issues trying to log on or play without crashing. It is obvious that the servers cannot handle all the people that play on a server at one time, hence the slow downs, etc. I see topics arout fishing not working, not being able to log on and so forth and so forth. My son and I have been kicked out of the Dwarrowdelf 3 times today. The weekend is the only time we can play together. Why not set up a single server for festival #### only? Perhaps it can only be accessed during the time of some festival or special event.

Yes, festivals are supposed to bring about a sense of community in the online world, but instead it is doing something else. It is pissing people off because of all the disconnects and bugs that appear because the update/additions are rushed out the door. How about just keeping the Christmas/New year festival only to give people something to do and chuck the rest. Realistically, most of the stuff you get or win cant be used in the game anyway. I did say 'most' and not all, keep that in mind. How about some cosmetic armor/clothing that actually protects you or fireworks that can damage monsters.

Create a consistent uptime server and you will have a consistent customer base.