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    My take on the forum

    I am active on a few CG art sights. I often pointed to the LOTRO forum as being done quite artistically;most CG forums are dull battle ship gray. Well I can't point them here anymore, just looks like a battle ship gray CG art site. hohum

    I'm on FF, latest version and I am missing a bit of the right hand of the screen; standard screen. I have a hard time reading with out sliding the window back and forth.

    The most aggravating thing though is logging in and getting the new posts list instead of actually going to the forum. Any way to fix this?

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    Someone suggested using the stylish app for ff/chrome users. I did it... and love it There are posts with codes that they used.

    Here is a link to that thread...hope it helps!

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    It's dull, yes, but it loads much faster. I can see why they needed to discontinue so much. Sometimes what you're left with is so clunky you're better off ditching it for something better and faster (performance wise). I just see it that, now that they've finally dumped all the old clunky stuff (much of which I liked, yes), they can begin slowly building up and adding. It's plain grey now, but they've got a better base to build on, rather than a clunky mess they have to find whatever sticks they can to prop up.

    I won't start complaining unless it's been a year and the forums look exactly the same (as in, not even minor atmospheric improvements). Even then, if certain game improvements happen that I want, I probably still would be too happy to complain about a basic forum look. Then again, my screen doesn't seem to be buggy. I have a widescreen that displays the forums perfectly. Yeah, it stretches all the way across my screen, but I don't really have a problem with that. I should expect they'll fix those issues at some point.

    Until then, the suggestion above me looks pretty decent. I might use it too, but probably not (too much effort for a screen I can read okay; but I fully recognize that's a personal/my specific computer thing). Besides that, I prefer darker screens like this with light writing. Too much white hurts my eyes. In that, I suspect they'll soon have options for people whose eyes are hurt by the reverse.

    As to your other question, I added the forums, proper, onto my bookmark bar up top:

    I can access all the other places for the community from there, and it goes straight to the forum list rather than a bunch of disorganized posts from all over the forums. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the new list posting page either, too many posts from a variety of topics and forums. I plan to cut them some slack over the forums and give them a little time to build up from the basics. I just feel we needed to start from scratch for a long while now. I also don't expect everything discontinued to remain discontinued, but rather that their older versions were discontinued and, as they build the newer site model and forums up, we'll see a different version of those discontinued parts returned (such as character profiles, competitive reports, friend referrals, etc.).

    Honestly, the older parts were such a gigantic mess for so long, I think all the backlash they're getting now is why they tried too long to make it all work before building something better from scratch. For now, it's not as flashy or visually pleasing, but it moves a lot faster on my computer (which is already pretty fast, but the old stuff still took forever to load).

    My only current complaint is the auto-logout. It's caught me in the middle of posts and profile edits twice now before I could save/post and I had to start from scratch because I wasn't writing in notepad or remembered to copy my work just in case. Also, initial navigation was a pain in the butt to figure out and there's no clear access to account support for filing a ticket over issues not in-game (which is the only way to file those issues because in-game support will not deal with them). I had to take a round-about way through "Submit a Bug" to get to the old support.turbine.com link I couldn't remember.

    It's frustrating for now, yes, but I think we have a better foundation for it all now and I have faith they'll make small improvements, building into larger improvements over time until we have something awesome again, but far more stable than what we had.

    Edited to play with the BB code and see if I can't add a bit of personal flair to my posts. By the way BB Code Samples if you'd like to give it a try too but have no idea how to use it. I used size 3 and color 7FFFD4. It's a little big for my tastes, but 2 is the same size as default and I already know some people are having trouble reading the size, especially on a wider screen.

    My biggest request right now, believe it or not? Personalized avatars from a different url. Don't get me wrong, I really love the elf avatar I'm using...except that she's far too frowny and serious. I'd at least like to photo-shop her real quick into a smile or just use one of my own. I hope they'll make that a reality soon.
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