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Thread: lag

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    usually i do not post about such things, but recently, as the lag has gotten worse over the past few days, i thought i would come here to see whats going on. i used to NEVER have lag issues with this game if i played on lowest graphics, and i could run medium graphics when not in an intense instance, or big pvp fight. however, recently i have been getting such a massive amount of lag during pvmp that i freeze completely for 6-7s sometimes, and usually have 3-4s lag warps, even when the numbers are as few as like, 6v6.

    besides that, i have recently had an interesting issue where when i get a swift travel to anywhere, my client loses connection to the server. this has only every once in awhile for me in the past, and never while on a loading screen. idk if this was just random happenstance, but today it has crashed 2 times within 10 minutes on swift travel loading screens.

    i understand that it is quite possible that it is a problem on my end of the spectrum, but when i ask in chat with group members, or in ooc if others are having lag, i usually get a resounding, yes we are having some serious lag. infact, i was in a t2c flight run that froze for about 15s on the first wave each time we attempted it. it wasnt just one of us, but the entire raid froze in place, and when we came back, everyone had half health.

    i honestly do not know how difficult it is to deal with the lag issues, and i respect the fact that with the new update coming out, you guys are crazy busy. however, this lag is getting to the point where im ready to tear my hair out. i would love to know if there is a fix in the works, or if you guys even know what is causing the lag yet. i understand if you have no idea yet what is causing it, but all i ask is please do your best to find a solution. Its getting to the point where i might stop playing till the lag is dealt with, as it is near impossible to do raids, instances, or pvp succsefully with the current amount of lag.

    (btw srry if i posted this in wrong forum section, total newb when it comes to forums ;P)

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    I posted quite a bit on this on the previous forum. For me Lag has started to make parts of the game unplayable.
    A few months ago sometime before U11, my first toon ran everything on high graphics except raids, and then I just dropped to medium.

    Since U11 on my second toon to 85, I've had to turn down to low. For 6man and above I had to set to very low, turn off all combat effects, cloaks etc, so now it just gets left this way.
    12mans are mostly impossible; I'm getting 4-6fps average, with pauses of several seconds where I have skill lag/lock. It's not client lock as I am able, and sometimes have time to, manage pending loot.

    PvP with a group of more than 8-10 freeps/creeps combined is also very laggy with freezes.

    OK, I know what everyone is going to start suggesting so...

    Yes, I am on a laptop, mid ranged, quad core, 8Gb ram, Win7 64bit.
    It's exactly the same setup that I've played with for a year.
    I've tried wired and wireless without any improvement.
    It's not my ISP, tested that, got 20Mb cable and speed is good on other things.
    It is very hot here recently, so got a good quality under laptop cooler. Tested temps, it was running fairly hot without cooler but a lot better now, but no improvement to game.
    All vents cleaned etc.
    Even did a clean install with the low res client, no performance change.

    A lot of my kin have also been complaining of recent lag.

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    These problems are not new. I remember so much complaining last year at a similar time, and the official excuse at that time was the integration of the upcoming expansion (Riders of Rohan) into the game, which most of us know is bs, since the lag still strongly persists in the game today, especially on highly populated servers. I spend most of my Lotro days on creepside on Vilya server, and to be honest, the lag is present, but not overwhelming (there is a problem in keeps with many npcs, combined with effects from certain classes, like RKs, LMs, Spiders etc.), however, the last year when I mostly played on freepside on the same server, and then a few months after the Rohan expansion, when i transferred on Brandywine, the lag was absolutely horrible. Horrible as in a game breaking way, where the frustrations got so high, that raids were disbanded because of it.

    Turbine is well aware of the problem, but figures that the resource investment cost for fixing it surpases the overall benefit for them.

    Unfortunately, nothing will happen.
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    I have the lifetime membership not that it matters but.. i have a brand new pc with 16gb of RAM etc and a very good video card bought specifically to meet the requirements of this game so that i could play it on the highest graphics etc without having lag and other issues.. NEVER in all the years i have played this game have i had once experienced lag at all until recently. My other friends, kinship members etc all experience lag in the past but not me. Well, something has changed.. I am not sure what is going on with the servers and/or the dev team but something has deffinately changed because i am lagging so bad that the game is nearly unplayable even when standing in freakin Michael Delving and killing a wolf. I'm not even in a raid, instance or otherwise for crying out loud.. This is just awful and Turbine/Warner devs should seriously consider working on this issue instead of making the stupid forums faster... Hey yeah the forums are great but people don't play the forums... fix THE GAME!!!

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    to go with the lag, i am currently unable to play my main toon my mini. everytime i log in i get about 2 minutes of gameplay then i freeze, and it comes up with a connection to server lost issue. i have never had this many connection losses in a row, and everything else that uses internet is still working for me. i tried logging one of my other toons and it works perfectly fine. i then asked about it in glff on dwarro server, and another person was having the same issue with one of their toons.

    the lag i can deal with (kinda) but this, is extremely annoying. i have no idea why my mini is not working my burg is, tho i have heard of this sorta thing before with a friend. i dont know what this is, but i would like the ability to play my toon again, especially as my subscription ends this month, and i would like to play my toon with my subscription as much as possible. anyone who has had this issue before know of a fix? i would really like to get back on my main toon :P
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    Some things people often overlook, even some good helpful posts leave this out:

    1) Client-side lag due to video. Your video settings have three aspects; in-game settings, graphics engine and screen resolution. Graphics engine is selectable in the options, some setups run better on a specific directX version. A newer version isn't necessarily better. Screen resolution (and refresh) is settable in-game, but I mention it separately because it plays a serious role in whether your GPU or CPU is driving the graphics. Don't be afraid to lower your screen resolution as an alternative to running the lowest settings, you may find less client side lag with a gentle balance. Just because your screen is capable of 1920x1080 doesn't mean that you should set it there and adjust your settings to fit.

    2) Lag due to latency. You may have an advertised bandwidth capable of handling a considerable number of simultaneous activities (Netflix, lotro, youtube etc all at once on the same line), but bandwidth is not the final bottleneck. Ping rate is more important in online gaming as long as you have adequate bandwidth, and few games have huge bandwidth requirements. Ping rate (in lay terms) is the latency between your client and the end server. It would be rare that ping is affected by the client, but not uncommon for latency to be introduced at the server level, especially due to crowding. There is nothing you can do about that. But what people often overlook is wireless over PCS providers. This adds the latency of communicating with the local tower, that data getting to the IP hard switch, and then to the server (and of course the latency is repeated on the trip back to you). People with a more direct connection have much faster ping rates and won't see what you see, even if they get less overall bandwidth. This can seriously affect rural players who rely on this as their only IP option, and is a double whammy for many because rural IPs are often older, running on a shoestring budget. If this is how you connect then ping latency is most likely going to affect you in this way, even if you are not rural and you get a bona fide 3MB down and 0.6MB up, which is more than plenty of bandwidth for this game. It isn't limited to wireless carriers, but it is almost a given for them. And they are very much married to the time-use model where they need to throttle bandwidth at peak to justify excess off-peak. Towers lease on time, they don't care whether there is traffic or not.

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    Okay i have fixed the lag for me!! I do not know if this works for everyone but for me it did and i have zero lag now!! The game runs exactly perfect!! Ok i will do my best to explain..... LOTRO client comes with module called either Happy Cloud or Pando media booster.. both are Peer to Peer file sharing modules that when you are logged into LOTRO others can download the game/files from you and me to speed up the download/install process. So what I did was first make sure i have all the proper patches/downloads for my game and then i went to START/RUN/ and typed msconfig and went into the startup settings.. this is where you can define what is to start when you boot your computer. I located (on my computer it has Pando Media Booster, yours might be the other one)... anyway... i disabled it from starting when i boot my computer. After applying changes i reboot my computer... Pando does not start!!! Then i log into LOTRO and no lag!!! Because i am not uploading files to other people while i am trying to play LOTRO myself!!! Good luck with yours.. if you try this i have no responsibility if it works or breaks your computer things.... but good luck!!



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