Yeah... but no.. it happends exactly as I described and also you did exactly the same thing during the prime time running to the backdoor of lug as soon as creeps pushed... over and over, even when we have the outnumbered buff and everyone get tired and leave.

What is wrong with the freeps? :S

Also we prove what happends when we roam the map with a small group, can you deny how your group of LM+RK killed our group of 4 and corpsejump at lug cross roads? haha i guess not.

But is ok, like I said I am nobody to judge you can play the way you want, just dont make posts claiming that you want changes when you are the first one doing the same things that you complain here.

The word in english could be hypocrite I guess so gratz! you have your own gratz thread now too

See you on creepside when the next update come out farming bad geared freeps at GV like any other Fotm player will do.