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The biggest problem with the game is that it is not very balanced. Because of that people tend to play the more powerful side and also the more powerful toons. Lets take you for instance.....You have a hunter which probably is a class that most people think is the weakest class on freep side right now. Instead of you playing that toon since this last update you have been playing a Healing Runekeeper. Which happens to be the hardest toon to kill and one that screws the balance more than any other toon right now.

The only way we are going to see better fights more often is if Turbine balances the game better because people are not going to change. They are always going to play the more op side and toons. Not all, but enough to make a difference. The problem is I don't see Turbine balancing anything anytime soon.
You spelled "screw" wrong, I fixed it. Totally got your back.