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    Dec 2011

    Gratz first marshall Windrial!

    gratz on the rank windy awesome lm and very nice person.

    Only one rank left now so keep it up

    P.S be prepared to recieve spam bubbles
    Second Marshall Tarpelion/Commander Huntarp/Master guardsman Vindicto

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    Grats Windy!

    Great LM, and a very nice person. I love that I can be lazy when I'm in a group with you. Hope you continue playing in the moors.
    [COLOR=#800080][B][SIZE=1]Second Marshall Adanelriel Willbreaker,[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#999999][B][SIZE=1] Mistress Over Fear[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#008000][B][SIZE=1] and lover of bog-lurkers[/SIZE][/B].[/COLOR]

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    Grats To The Best LM In The Game

    Grats Wind!
    You make the Moors fun. You have made the difference in so may battles in the Moors. I hope I get to see you be the first rank 15 LM on Brandywine.
    Love Halberdor

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    Gratzi Gratzi on rank Windi !

    You're a really cool person and you play your lm very well.

    I recorded the last 15 minutes of one of the long fights we got Saturday 08/03 at TR lawn:

    Sadly we can't see that sexy rank up animation, next rank I'll record it

    Always having fun in the moors with you, go onto final rank !


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    Morgantown, WV
    Way to go, Windrial. You've been at it for a very long time and it's always nice to group with you.
    Jeffaman-Guarding Hobbit Jeffro-Burgling Hobbit Tinulaurien-Elf Lore Master Cephus-Champion of Men Lilnooblet-Hunting Hobbit Jeffrandir-Snooty Elf Rune-keeper- All of Brandywine
    Long live the halflings! Praise them with great praise!
    RIP Nidor - Brandywine's bravest warrior

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    Congrats Windrial! Miss grouping with you and your husband!

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    Feb 2009
    Congrats Windy!!!!! A deserved rank to an amazing friend and LM. You go girl!!!

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    May 2007
    Honolulu, HI
    It's hard to think of a more decent person who ever played LOTRO. Over all the years we never ended up talking a whole lot but I respected you very much, you were a real reminder of how the game could have and should have been played by everyone. I wish you all the best Windy.
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    Gratz on rank Windy

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    Grats Windy! I miss our small groups
    Some Hunter Named Tulon
    Some Warg Named Drooid
    Some WarLeader Named WhatsThisButtonDo



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