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    Little Blue House and "Forum" line... Is this a bug or Works as Intended ?

    Is this a bug or Works as Intended ?

    Two lines below the "navigation bar" (i.e. the bar starts with "What's New?") is another line which begins with a Little Blue House.

    The house heads a line that appears to show you where you are and allow you to navigate BACK to previous sections.

    This works as expected except for the "Little Blue House" and the word "Forum." Both go to the same location: "Activity Stream."

    And when you arrive at "Activity" stream -- "Forum" has changed to "Home" -- but it is clearly not "home"

    Clearly, the "Forum" entry does NOT go to the same location as the "Forum" entry in the "navigation bar."

    One assumes from the link on the "Community" pulldown that the Home page of the Forums is: https://www.lotro.com/en/forums/forums.php

    Minimally, the "Home" designation should become "Activity" to be consistent with the destination.
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    They seem to think "Activity Stream" is the home page for the forums. If you're on the forum list and press the "Mark Forums Read" link, you wind up at "Activity Stream". Slightly annoying, but it's not hard to press the Forum button again.




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