It looks like the server had a bout of the 'crashies' there while I was out of the house, so I wrote some new scripts to keep it propped up a bit better. Basically, the new scripts now automatically restart the application if the does not respond to HTTP requests for more than 60 seconds. This *should* work a little better than plain process monitoring.

Anyway, if the site dies, give it a couple minutes and it should come back auto-magically... well, unless something else goes wrong. :/

NOTE: If you feel like saying hello, inviting me to your party, cursing me out or just adding me to your friends list, I do make rounds on a few servers. There is a Rathinosk on Brandywine, Landroval, Laurelin and Meneldor. I also have Rathlaer and Rathlam on Landroval, plus all of the toons listed in my signature on Brandywine. (plus many, many more toons )

I don't get to Laurelin or Meneldor all that much these days, but I have been visiting Landroval more recently, so don't be surprised to catch me taking in a concert or attempting a bit of role-playing. (I'm a bit out of practice)