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    Firefern's ABC Converter Returns! (Public BETA)

    Many people in the LOTRO music community have come to rely on Firefern's excellent ABC Converter, and have been on the edge of their seats during this unfortunate outage.

    I am proud to announce that I now have it up and running - and publicly accessible!

    The server address is http://firefern.rathinosk.com

    The ABC Converter is currently housed on a temporary server that I can monitor fairly closely. It's a bit unstable and even a little 'crash-y' at times, but when I notice it has down, I try to get it back up as soon as possible. Each time the server restarts, data will need to be re-cached, so please don't keep clicking if a particular page is kind of slow to load the first time.

    You should be able to log in with your account name and password from before, and all of your data from the old server should be intact. There is no password reset or recovery system, so if you've forgotten your password, the best I can probably do is delete your old account so you can keep your username.

    My email address can be found on the footer of the website, so please be sure to email me or send me a PM here if you find any issues. NOTE: I am NOT accepting feature requests at this time as I am currently trying to make it stable.


    Bug Fixes and (Minor) updates:

    • Modified the song listings to include a full ISO-style 'last modified on' date, gone is the truncated month and day.
    • Now that Digero has updated his player, it was safe to add support for the +pppp+ and +ffff+ dynamics.
      (the extra dynamics have been supported in-game for years, just never properly documented)
    • Fixed a few minor code errors that generated warnings on the server console.
    • Fixed a minor memory leak that was causing intermittent crashes, still looking for a few more.
    • Fixed a configuration error that caused a non-fatal crash when you clicked the "LOTRO ABC Zip Archive" button - thanks for spotting that Orladan!
    • The site now allows *new* users as well.
    • Changed some code that was causing cowbell parts to be blank in certain circumstances.
    • Added additional GS drum names (Standard Kit only).
    • Fixed variable scoping error that caused new user account creation to fail.
    • Updated the monitoring scripts to catch a few more errors and properly restart the server, and do it more gracefully.

    Known Bugs:
    • The "Get All Marked ABCs" feature is broken and I have not quite figured out why...
    • There is still a nasty memory leak somewhere that *will* crash the server when under heavy use.
      (The server will auto-magically bounce back up, but it's still a problem.)
      (NOTE: Mirar thinks this existed in his original code, but his server had 8GB of RAM!)
    • Some MIDI files can cause the midi-processing functions to use significant amounts of CPU and may freeze the entire server during processing.
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