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    Feb 2007
    Blackwater Park

    Careless Whisper

    You know I never ask for anything, right?

    You know I what I want to hear?

    Careless Whisper, again and again.

    Seriously though, does anybody have a music file for Careless Whisper?
    Darkrain / Ghostdog / Bettyford
    Pouncing Pwny

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    I have a old solo of it if that is what you want.

    X: 1
    T: CarelessWhisper (3:35)
    Z: Transcribed using LotRO MIDI Player: http://lotro.acasylum.com/midi
    % Original file: CarelessWhisper.mid
    % Transpose: -7
    L: 1/4
    Q: 120
    K: C

    z47/8 [A,7/8b7/8z/8] [ce5/4z3/4] [a9/8E,9/8z/2] [e3/4z/2] [A,5/4z3/8]
    [c7/8z3/4] E/4 [b3/4e3/4z/8] [c7/8A,13/8z3/8] [C11/8z3/8] [az3/8]
    [ez/2] [E5/8z3/8] c/4 z/8 A,/8 z3/8 G,/8 z/8 [F,3/4A7/8z/8]
    [g7/8c9/8z3/4] [fz3/8] [c11/8z/2] [F,7/8z3/8] [A7/8z/2] F,/4 F,/4 z/8
    [c5/8A7/8g7/8z/8] [F,15/8z5/8] [f5/4z/2] c3/4 A/4 z/8 F,/8 z/4 E,/8
    z/4 [A3/4f3/4d7/8D,9/8] [e5/8z/2] [c3/4z3/8] D,3/8 A/8 z/4 D,/8 z/4
    D,/8 z/4 [D,3/4F9/4] z [D,5/8z/4] [A,5/8z3/8] D,/2 D,/4 z/8
    [E,5/8C3/4E] z/4 [F/2z3/8] E,/4 z/8 G/8 z/4 E,/8 z/4 [A/2z3/8] E,/8
    z/4 [B/2G5/8E5/8z3/8] [E,/2z3/8] c/4 z/8 E,3/8 [d/2z3/8] E,/4 z/8 e/4
    z/4 E,/8 z/4 [b3/4e3/4cA,9/4] [a13/8z3/8] [e3/2z/2] [E,z3/8]
    [c3/4z3/8] [A,/2z3/8] E,/4 z/8 [b5/8e3/4cA,11/8] z/8 [a5/4z3/8]
    [ez/8] [c5/8z3/8] [E,3/4z/4] [c/2z3/8] A,/4 z/4 G,/8 z/4
    [F,7/8A3/4g5/4c5/4] [f7/4z/2] [c3/2z3/8] [F,5/8z3/8] [A3/4z/4] F,3/8
    [F,/4z/8] C,/8 z/8 F,/8 [A3/4g7/8F,9/8c9/8] [fz3/8] [c9/8z3/8]
    [F,7/8z3/8] [A/2z3/8] E,/4 z/8 A,/4 z/8 [f3/4A3/4dz/8] [D,9/8z3/4]
    [ez/4] [c7/8z3/8] [D,5/8z/2] [A/2z/4] D,3/8 D,/4 z/4
    [D,3/4C3/4F11/8A,9/8] [D,5/4z3/8] [A,5/4z7/8] [D,/2z3/8] A,3/8 D,/4
    z/8 [E,5/8B,5/8E5/4] z/8 [F5/8D3/4z/2] [E,/2z3/8] [G5/8z3/8]
    [E,3/4z3/8] [A/2z3/8] [E,5/8z/4] [B5/8z3/8] [E,7/8z/2] [c5/8z3/8]
    [E,3/4z3/8] d/2 E,/8 z/8 e3/8 E,3/8 [E/2c11/8A3/2z/8] [e3/4A,3/2]
    [e13/8z3/8] [E,2z3/8] [A,13/8z3/4] [dE11/8G13/8B15/8z7/8] [A,9/8z3/4]
    [E5/8c5/8G3/4z3/8] A,/2 E/4 z/8 [E3/8B3/8] [G,/8F,/8] z/4 C,/4 z/8
    [F5/8E5/8A5/8C5/4F,17/8] z/4 [C,2z3/8] [C17/8A,5/4z/8] [E2z3/4]
    [F,5/8z3/8] [A,3/2z/4] F,/2 [F,9/8z3/4] [C3/8A,5/8E7/8] [C,5/8z3/8]
    F,3/8 F,/4 z/4 A/8 z/8 [A/4z/8] A,/4 [Ac3/2F13/8e13/8z/8] D,7/8
    [D,3/4z3/8] [f5/4z7/8] [D,7/8z3/8] [F9/8d13/8A13/8z/2] D,3/8
    [D,5/4z3/4] [A3/4z/2] [D,/2z3/8] [F3/8c3/4] z/8 D,3/8 A/4 D,/4 z/8
    [E,5/4e11/8z7/8] [E3/4A7/8z3/8] [E,7/8z3/8] [E7/8z/8] [d3/4z3/8]
    [E,/2z3/8] [E/8c/8A3/4] z/4 [E,3/4z3/8] [A3/4E3/4c5/4z3/8]
    [E,7/8z3/8] [E3/4z/2] [E,5/8z3/8] [B/2G5/8z/8] [E5/8z/4] [E,3/4z3/8]
    [E5/4z3/8] [E,3/4z3/8] [A,z3/8] [E,5/8z3/8] [E5/8A7/8z3/8]
    [G5/8B11/8z/2] [cA,9/8z3/4] [d3/4z3/8] [e7/4z3/8] [A,3/2z3/4]
    [EAc3/2z3/8] [E,5/4z3/8] [A,z3/8] [E5/8z3/8] [G,5/8z3/8] [C,5/4z3/8]
    F,/8 [F,z3/4] [A/2F/2z3/8] [B/2z3/8] [F,/2c3/4F3/4] z/4 [A3/8z/8]
    [F,5/8z/4] [A3/4c7/8g9/8z3/8] [F,9/8z5/8] [f7/8A5/4c11/8z/2] F,3/8
    [F,3/4z3/8] [A7/8z3/8] F,3/8 F,3/8 z/8 [D,3/4e] [f3/8A3/4]
    [D,3/4z3/8] [e/2A5/8c3/4z3/8] [D,5/8z3/8] [f/4A3/8z/8] [c3/8z/4]
    [D,/2z3/8] [A/2z/8] [e3/8c/2D,3/4] z3/8 [D,/8f/8A3/8] z/4
    [A/2e9/8z3/8] D,3/4 D,3/8 D,/4 z/8 [E,e9/8z3/4] [B3/8z/8] [^G/4D3/4]
    z/8 [E,7/8z3/8] [B9/8^G9/8d5/4z/2] [E,5/8z/4] [D7/8z3/8] [E,3/4z3/8]
    [^G5/8z/8] [D5/8cz3/8] [E,3/4z3/8] [^G5/8D3/4z3/8] [E,3/4z3/8]
    [D/2^G7/8B9/8z3/8] [E,3/4z3/8] D3/8 z/8 E,/8 z/4 A,3/4
    [c'/8e/8a/8g3/8] z/8 [c'/4e/4a/2] z/4 [c'/8e/4a/2E,/2] z/4
    [g/8b3/8e3/8] z/4 [b/8g/4e3/8] z/8 [b/4g/2z/8] e3/8
    [b/8e3/4g7/8A,7/8] z5/8 [e/8c/2a/2] z/4 A,/4 z/8 [A,3/8e/2a5/8c5/8]
    z3/8 G,/8 G,/8 z/4 C,/8 z/4 [F,5/8c'3/8c3/4f3/4] z3/8 [a/8f/8c3/4]
    z3/8 [F,7/8z/4] [c'5/8f3/4c7/8] [F,5/8z/8] [a7/8z3/8]
    [b/2d5/4g5/8z3/8] [F,7/8z3/4] [c'/8f/8c/2] z/4 F,3/8 [F,/4z/8]
    [b3/8B/2] z3/8 [A/8a/4] z/4 A,/8 z/4 D,3/4 [c'/8c/8f3/8a3/8] z/8
    [c'/8c/4] [a/8f3/8] z/4 [D,/8c/8c'3/4f7/8] z5/8 [B/8b3/8] z/8
    [D,/4z/8] [B/8b/8] z/4 [D,/2B/8b/2] z/4 [A/8a5/8] z/4 [D,3/4z3/8]
    [a3/8A5/8] [D,/2z3/8] [A/8a5/8] z/4 D,/4 A,/4 z/8 [B/4E,/8b/4]
    [e/4E,3/4] [b/2B5/8e3/4] [E,5/8z/4] [b5/8B3/4e7/8z3/8] [E,3/4z/2]
    [B3/8a5/8e3/4z/4] [g/2z3/8] a3/8 [g3/8E,9/8B3/4] z3/8 [Bez3/8] E,/2
    [E,3/4z3/8] B3/8 e/8 z/8 E,/4 z/4 [A,/8c'/4e/4a3/8] z/4
    [c'/4e3/8a3/4] z/8 [E,3/4z3/8] [a5/8c'7/8e3/4z3/8] [A,/2z3/8]
    [b3/8g3/8e3/8] [b/8g3/8e3/8] z/4 [A,/8b/8g/4e/4] z/4 [A,/2b/2e3/4g]
    z/4 [a3/8e3/4] z3/8 [A,/2e/2a/2] z/4 G,/4 z/8 C,/4 z/8 [f3/4c7/8z/8]
    [c'F,z3/4] [f5/8a7/8z/2] [F,z/4] [c3/4f7/8c'] a3/8 [f/8d/2a/2F,3/8]
    z/4 [F,7/8z3/4] [c'/8f/8c7/8] z/4 [F,/2z3/8] [B/2b5/8] z/4 [A/8a/8]
    z/4 E,/8 z/4 D,/8 [D,3/4z5/8] [c'/8f/8c3/8a3/8] z/4 [f/8c/8a/8c'3/8]
    z/4 [c'/8f/8c/8D,7/8a7/8] z5/8 [B3/8b3/8] [B/8b3/8] z/4 [B/8b/2D,/2]
    z/4 [A/4a5/8] z/4 [D,3/8z/4] [a/8A5/8] z/4 [D,/2z3/8] [a/8A/2] z/4
    [D,3/8z/4] A,/4 z/8 [B/4b/4z/8] [e/8E,3/4] z/8 [b/2B3/4z/8] e5/8
    [B5/8a5/8e5/8z3/8] [E,/2z3/8] [B/4b3/8] E,3/8 E,/4 z/4 [E,/4c'/4c7/8]
    z/2 E,3/8 [E,9/8z3/8] [Bbz7/8] E,3/8 E,/4 [b7/8z/8]
    [e9/8c15/8g49/8A,9/4a3/4] [a3z3/8] [e15/8z3/8] [E,11/8z3/8]
    [c9/8z3/8] [A,5/8z/2] E/8 z/8 [b5/8c2e5/4z/8] [A,3/2z3/8] [C5/4z/4]
    [a5z/4] [E7/8z/4] [e9/2z/4] [A7/8z/2] [c9/8z3/4] C,/4 z/8
    [A3/4g5/2c5/4F,13/8] [f7/8C,z/2] [c3/2z3/8] [F,9/8z3/8] [A7/8z3/8]
    [A,/2z3/8] C/4 z/8 [A/8F5/8gc9/8] z5/8 [f13/8z/2] [c9/8z5/8]
    [A/2z3/8] F,/8 z/4 E,/8 z/4 [D,9/8Af5/4z7/8] [ez3/8] [c3/4z3/8]
    [D,/2z/4] [A/2z3/8] D,3/8 D,3/8 [A,7/8F11/8D,3/4C17/8] [D,9/8z3/4]
    [A,3/4z3/8] [D,/2z3/8] [A,/2z3/8] D,/4 z/8 [B,5/8z/8] [E,E7/8z5/8]
    [F5/8z/8] [D3/4z/4] [E,5/8z/2] [=G5/8z3/8] [E,3/4z3/8] [A5/8z3/8]
    [E,3/4z3/8] [B3/4z3/8] [E,3/4z3/8] [c5/8z3/8] [E,5/8z3/8] [d/2z3/8]
    E,/4 z/8 e/8 z/4 E,/4 z/8 [A,7/8z/2] [c3/8b/2e/2] [a3/4z3/8]
    [ec3/4z/4] [E,7/8z/2] [c5/8z/4] [A,/2z3/8] E/4 z/8 [e3/4b3/4c7/8z/8]
    [A,3/2z3/8] [C5/4z/4] [az3/8] [e9/8z/2] [E3/4z3/8] c3/8 A,3/8 G,/4
    z/8 [A5/8g3/4cz/8] [F,17/8z5/8] [f3/2z3/8] [c5/4z3/8] [C,5/4z/2]
    [A3/4z3/8] [F,/2z3/8] [A,3/8z/4] [A/4c5/8g7/8z/8] [C7/8z3/4]
    [f7/8z3/8] [c7/8z3/8] [F/2z3/8] A/4 A,/8 z3/8 A,/4 [A3/8F7/8c5/4z/8]
    [f5/4D,13/8z3/4] [e5/4z3/8] [c7/8z3/8] [A,5/8z3/8] [A/4F/2] z/8
    [D/2z3/8] A,/4 z/8 [D,5/8F11/8] z/4 [CA,9/8z3/8] [D,5/4z3/4]
    [A,/2z3/8] C/8 z/4 E,3/8 [E,3/4z/8] [EB,9/8z5/8] [Fz/8] [D7/8z3/4]
    [E/8G3/4] z/4 [E,5/8z3/8] [A5/8z3/8] [E,7/8z/2] [B/2G/2E5/8z3/8]
    [E,/2z/4] [c3/4z3/8] [E,5/8z3/8] [d/2z3/8] E,/4 z/8 e/8 z3/8 E,/4 z/8
    [A,7/8z3/4] [e3/4z3/8] E,3/8 A,/8 z/2 e/4 z/8 [A,3/2z/2] [Cz3/4]
    [b/4d/4e9/8g9/8] z/2 [E/2z3/8] [c'/4a/4] z/8 [b/8g/4] z3/8 C/4
    [e5/8a3/4z/8] [c9/4F,3z5/8] [A,21/8z3/8] [C9/4z3/8] [E13/8z/2]
    [A3/2z3/8] [c3/2z/4] [e3/2z/2] [E5/4z3/8] [A7/8z3/8] [c3/4z3/8]
    [e3/4z3/8] [C5/8z/4] A,3/8 z/8 a/8 z/4 [a/4A,/4] z/8
    [a5/8c'5/8eD,3/2] z/4 [A,5/8z/4] [c'3/8a3/8f3/4] z/8 [D13/8z3/8]
    [A,11/8z3/8] [f3/2d13/8a13/8z7/8] [D7/8z3/4] [a11/8z3/8] [D3/4z3/8]
    [c'3/4z3/8] [D5/8z3/8] [a/2z/4] D/4 z/4 [b/4g7/8eE,] z/2 [B,/2z3/8]
    D/4 z/4 [b/2g3/4d7/8e7/8] [E/2z3/8] [e3/4G9/8z3/8] [B3/4z3/8]
    [g5/8d3/4e3/4c'13/8z3/8] [B9/8z3/8] [ez/2] [g/2z/4] [B/4z/8]
    [b7/8z/4] [e5/8z/2] g/8 z/4 E,/8 z/8 [A,/2z3/8] E,/8 z/4 c/8 [e/8a/8]
    z/8 [B/4b/4] z/8 [c/4c'/4A,] z/4 [C13/8z/4] [d7/4z3/8] [E13/8z3/8]
    [e5/4a15/8c'2z7/8] [A9/8z3/8] [e3/4z3/8] [E13/8z3/8] [e11/8z3/8]
    [a9/8z3/8] [C,7/8z3/8] F,3/4 z/8 [a/8f/8] z/8 b/8 f/8 z/4
    [f/2F,3/4c'3/4z3/8] [A,7/8z3/8] [a3/8z/8] [C/2z/4] [c'/2a5/8g5/4z3/8]
    [F5/4z3/8] [C3/4z3/8] [c'7/8a7/8f9/8z3/8] [Cz3/8] [F,7/8z3/8]
    [f5/8z/2] a/8 z/4 A,/8 z/8 [a3/8c'/2e5/8z/8] [D,7/8z3/4]
    [c'/8a/8f7/8] z/4 [A,5/8z3/8] [e/4c'3/4a3/4] z/8 [D/2z3/8]
    [f/8c'/2a3/4] z/4 D3/8 [D/4e7/8a3/4c'3/4] z/2 [a/4c'3/8f] z/8
    [c'5/8e5/4a5/8z3/8] D3/4 [D3/8z/4] d/8 [d/8D/4] z/8 [E/2E,/2b7/8z/8]
    [e15/8^g7/8z3/4] [^G,11/8z3/8] [B,9/8z3/8] [b^g9/8d3/4z3/8]
    [D3/4z3/8] [d5/8z3/8] D/4 z/8 [E,^g9/8d3/2c'3/2z3/8] [^G,5/4z/2]
    [B,3/4z/4] [D/2z3/8] [^g/8b/8d/4] ^F,/8 z/4 [^A,/8C/8] [D/8E/8F/8G/8]
    [A/8^A/8c/8] [d/8e/8f/8=g/8] [a/8^a/8c'/8] [d/8e/8E,/8f/4] z/4 =A,/4
    z5/8 [e/8c'/8=a/8] z/4 [e/8c'/8a/8] z/4 [e/8c'/8a/4A,/2] z/4
    [e/8b/8g3/8C/2] z/8 [b/4e/2z/8] [g3/8z/8] [E3/8z/8] [b3/8z/8]
    [g3/8e/4] [b3/8=A3/8e3/4z/8] [g3/4z5/8] [e/4c'/4z/8] a/8 z/2
    [e/2c'/2a/2z/8] A,/2 z/8 =G,/8 z5/8 [e/2g5/8c'5/8=F,7/8] z3/8
    [a/8c'/4e/4] z/8 C/4 z/8 [c'7/8e3/8z/8] [F,3/4z3/8] [A,/2z3/8]
    [e/2a/2z/8] [C5/8z/4] [d5/4z3/8] [F7/8z3/8] C/2 c'/8 z/2 [F,/4z/8]
    b5/8 z/8 [a3/4z/2] A,/4 [D,7/8z3/4] [c'/8a/8f3/8] z/4 [c'/8f/8a3/8]
    z/4 [D,/8c'/8f/8a/8] z/4 [b/8^g/8] z/4 b/8 z/4 b/8 z/4
    [b/8D,/8e/8=g/2] z/4 a/4 z/4 [A,5/8z/4] [a/2z3/8] [D,/8D/8] z/4 a/8
    z/8 E,/8 z/4 E,/8 z/4 [b3/8E,/4g/4e3/8] z/8 [b/2e/2g/2] z/4
    [b3/4egz3/8] [E,3/4z3/8] [a5/8G,7/8z3/8] [b5/8z/8] [B,3/2z/8]
    [a11/8z3/8] [gb3/4z/8] [D3/2z5/8] [b3/8z/8] [e7/8z/4] [b5/8z3/8]
    [B,/2z3/8] b3/8 e/8 z/4 E,/8 z/4 [c'/8g/8A,/8e/4] z/4 [c'3/8e3/8g/2]
    z3/8 [e/8c'/4g3/8] z/4 [A,/2z3/8] [b/8e/4g3/8] z/4 [b/4e/4g/4z/8]
    [C3/8z/4] [b/8g3/8] z/4 [b/8C/8g7/8e3/4] z5/8 [a3/4c'/4e7/8] z/2
    [a/8c'3/8] [e7/8a3/4E7/8] a/8 z/4 C,/4 z/8 [F,3/4a/2c'5/8f5/8] z3/8
    [a/8f/8] z/8 C/4 z/4 [f/4c'/4F,3/4a3/4] z/8 [A,/2z3/8] [f3/8a3/8C3/4]
    [f3/8d3/4a3/4z/4] [F5/8z/2] [c'/4f5/8a7/8] z/8 [C/2z3/8] [b/4e3/8]
    F,/8 A,/8 z/4 a/4 z/2 A,/8 z/8 D,7/8 [f/8c'/8a/8] z/8 [c'/4f/4a/4]
    z/8 c'/8 [c'/8f/8a/8D,/2] z/4 b/4 b/8 b/4 b3/8 [b5/8z/8] [A,/2z/4]
    a/8 a5/8 [a/2z3/8] [D,/4D/4] z/8 a/4 z/8 ^A,/8 z/4 ^A,/8 z/8
    [E,3/8b3/8z/8] [e3/8z/4] b/8 [b5/8e5/8] [b5/8a5/8e3/4z3/8] [E,/2z3/8]
    b/4 E,3/8 E,/8 z/4 [E,3/8^g5/8ec'] z3/8 E,/2 [E,3/4z3/8]
    [^g3/8e3/8b5/8] z3/8 E,/8 z/4 E,/4 z/8 [e/2c'/2a7/8=A,3/2] z3/8
    [a21/8z/4] [E/2z3/8] [A,3/8G,3/8] z/4 [C7/8z3/8] [E5/8z/4] A3/8
    [A3/2z/2] [c5/4z3/8] [ez3/8] [a5/4z3/8] [C,9/8z3/8] [e3/2z/4]
    [c5/4z3/8] [A7/8z/8] [C,11/8z3/8] [F,3/2z3/4] [Ac9/8z3/4]
    [F,11/8z3/8] [Az3/8] [c7/8z/4] [A,3/4z3/8] [Cz/2] [A3/4z3/8]
    [c3/4z3/8] [A/2z/4] [Fz3/8] [A5/8z3/8] c/4 z/8 A,/4 z/4 [D,7/8z3/4]
    C3/8 [F7/8Cc15/8z3/8] [D,3/2z3/8] [A7/4z3/8] [F3/2z/4] [C7/8z/2]
    [D,3/2z3/8] [C11/8z3/8] [F11/8z3/8] [Az3/8] [D,3/4z/4] [C5/8z/2] D,/4
    D,/4 z/8 E,3/8 [E,7/8z3/8] [B,3/4z3/8] [E/2z3/8] G/8 E,/8 z/8 E/4 z/4
    G/4 B/4 z/8 [E,3/8z/8] [c5/8z3/8] [d3/8z/4] [e/2z/4] [G,/4z/8]
    [f5/8^g5/8z3/8] [=g/4z/8] B,/4 a3/8 g/4 z/8 E,/4 z/8
    [e5/8b7/8A,7/8c7/8z/2] [E,/2z3/8] [c/2A,3/4z3/8] [e3/4z3/8]
    [a3/4A,9/8z3/8] [e3/4z/4] [C9/8z/8] [c9/8z3/8] [E7/8e9/8z3/8] [bz3/8]
    [c3/4z3/8] [e3/4z3/8] [a/2c/2z3/8] [E/2z/4] e3/8 c/8 z/4 C,/4 z/8
    [A/4c3/8g7/8F,] z/8 [A5/8z3/8] [c/2z3/8] [f5/8z/8] [A/2F,7/8] z/8
    [c7/8z3/8] [A5/8z3/8] C/4 z/8 [A/4g3/8c3/4F,] z/8 [A3/4z3/8]
    [c7/8z3/8] [A5/8f3/4z/4] [C/2z/4] [F3/4z/4] [A/2z3/8] c/4 z/4 A,/8
    z/8 [f/4d/2A/2z/8] [D,9/8z3/8] [A3/4z3/8] [c9/8z3/8] [A3/4z3/8]
    [D,7/8z3/8] [e/2z/4] [A5/8z3/8] D,/2 [D,7/8z/4] [C3/4z3/8] F3/8
    [F3/4C3/4c5/4z/2] [D,3/4z/4] [A7/8z/2] [D,/4F7/8] [D,9/8z3/8]
    [E,7/8z3/8] [E5/8z3/8] [F/2z3/8] G/4 z/8 E/4 z/8 F/4 z/8 G/8 z/4 G/8
    z/4 [E,/4G5/8] z/8 [A5/8z3/8] [B5/8z/8] [G,3/4z/4] [c5/8z3/8] d/4 z/8
    e/4 z/8 f/8 z/4 [g/8E,/4] z/4 [A,3/2z3/8] [E,9/8z3/8] [c3/4z3/8]
    [e/2z3/8] [g/2A,5/8z3/8] c/4 z/8 [e/8c3/8b9/8] z/4 [cz3/8]
    [A,3/2z3/8] [C5/4z3/8] [Ez/2] [A/2z3/8] [c/2z3/8] [e5/8z3/8]
    [a/2z3/8] C,/4 z/8 [e3/8a3/8F,7/8] [A5/8z3/8] c3/8 [g5/8c5/8z/2]
    [F,3/8z/4] [A9/8z3/8] [c7/8z/2] [A,/2z3/8] [f/8C5/8] z/4 A3/8 c/8 z/8
    e/8 z/4 F3/8 [d/2z3/8] c/4 z/8 A/8 A,/8 z/8 [A/2c5/8F5/8f5/8D,] z/2
    [D,/2z/8] [c3/8z/8] [A/4E/4e/2] z/8 D,3/8 [D,z/4] [F7/8z/8]
    [c7/8C9/8z3/4] [D,3/4z3/8] [F/2A5/8C7/8z3/8] D,3/8 [D,3/4z3/8]
    [C5/8F3/4c7/8z3/8] [D,5/8z3/8] A3/8 D,/4 z/8 [E,/2E5/8B,3/4]
    [E,/2z/4] [F5/8z/2] [E,3/4z3/8] [G5/8z3/8] [E,3/4z3/8] [A3/4z3/8]
    E,3/8 [B/8E,3/8] z/4 [E,7/8z3/8] [c5/8z/2] [E,5/8z/4] [d5/8z3/8]
    [E,/2z3/8] e/4 z/4 E,/4 z/8 [A7/8e7/8c7/8A,7/8z/2] [E,3/2z3/8]
    [A,z3/4] [A3/4z/4] [A,5/4z3/8] [C5/4z3/8] [A5/4z3/8] [F3/2z7/8] A/4
    [A7/8z/2] [C,/2z3/8] A/4 C,/8 z/4 C,/4 z/8
    [C5/4A11/8F11/8c11/8F,5/4z7/8] [C,5/4z3/8] [F,15/8z3/4] [C11/8z/2]
    [Fz3/8] [A11/8z3/8] [A,11/8z/4] [C11/8z/2] [F7/8z3/8] [A3/4z/2]
    [A,3/4z/4] [C5/8z3/8] [F5/8z3/8] [A,3/4z3/8] [A3/8D/2F/2z/8]
    [D,13/8z3/8] [A,5/4z3/8] [D13/8z/4] [F3/2z/2] [A9/8z3/8] [c7/8z3/8]
    [E9/8e2z/2] [F3/2z5/8] [d7/8z3/4] [Cz/8] [cz5/8] [A3/4z/4] [F3/4z3/8]
    E,3/8 [E,13/8z7/8] [AE9/8z3/4] [E,3/4z3/8] [E7/8z3/8] [Az/2]
    [E3/4z3/8] [A,9/8z3/8] [E5/8z3/8] [A7/8z/4] [E7/8z/2] [A,/2z3/8] E/4
    z/8 E,/4 z/8 E,/4 z/8 [e/2A,7/8g7/8b13/8c13/8] z3/8 [g7/8E,z3/8]
    [e3/4z/2] [A,z/4] [c3/4z/2] [E3/8z/4] [A,z3/8] [b3/4z/8]
    [c3/4C9/8e13/8z3/8] [E11/8z3/8] [az3/8] [g3/4z3/8] A/2 e/4 z/8 c/8
    z/4 C,/8 z/4 [F,5/8A3/4c7/8g13/8] z/8 [fz3/8] [c5/4z3/8] [F,5/4z3/8]
    [Az3/8] [A,3/4z3/8] [C9/8z/2] [g3/4z5/8] [f7/8z3/8] [cz3/8] [F3/4z/2]
    A/2 A,/8 z/4 A,/8 z/8 [D,3/4Adf9/8] z/8 [e7/8z3/8] [A,3/4z3/8]
    [D9/8z/8] [c5/4z5/8] [A3/4z/2] [A,3/4z/4] [F11/8z/8] [D,11/8z7/8]
    [A,9/8z3/8] [D3/2z3/4] [A,9/8z3/4] [Dz3/8] [EE,5/4z3/4] F3/4
    [E,7/8z/8] G3/4 z13/8 c/8 z11/8 e/8 z/4 E,3/8 z/8 [A,3/4ce9/8] E,/2
    z9/8 c/8 z5/8 C/4 z3 F,3/8

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    That's pretty sick.

    It's it wrong if I pick George over Bowie or Prince....
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    Here is the Ninny Hammers ten part version of Careless Whisper. Just a word of credit is all I ask, thank you.


    Dropbox link to abc file of Careless Whisper.



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