First I don't use forums much and actually had a problem until this update where I wasn't able to log into my Lotro Forum account since about March? Didn't affect me much but it was annoying.

Second I read a piece from Sapience saying there is no such thing as a 30 day ban. Which is true but I think what he was missing is that there used to be a 30 day ban and I know this for a fact because I and about 12 other individuals got ourselves a 30 day ban at one point for an exploit that was quite obvious and we all thought was hilarious and worth it at the time. I still do personally but most of the others decided to leave the game a long time ago for greener pastures of pvp. Also I've never been given a warning when I've been banned I think it was a week for first month for second can't remember if I ever got a 3 month. Regardless this was before the change to the system for bannings and the institution of the Infraction system of point tallies. That I just read about is automatic. I don't use the forums much so I'm catching up on that since it is clearly relevant to me. lol... Ya so that's like 3 years behind the times update anyway.

Third, sorry about the rant I indulge in the talking too much. After checking for Infractions at the general settings, settings page etc. I did not see any infractions. I can't check my posts because I've only made about 17 I think total in about 6 and half years, however long this game has been live since Open beta began, and I don't see any of them available for my viewing. The very first 3 were when I was livid to say the least with the changes the burglar had undergone during book 11 of S.O.A., adding the cd to stealth under the pretext of pve, when it was clearly a necessary pvp fix, and then Moria, when the evade of my burg when from about 23-24% possible 28% down to 11% or so. So I can't see any posts to check that method someone mentioned. It's 4 a.m. so please forgive me if this isn't clear enough and I put to much extra details to sift through.

What I want to know is are all warning and infractions put on the Infarction's Tab for both in game and Forums? If not where and how can I see the infraction number or times I've been banned etc. and where I stand for in-game infractions? Thank you very much for your time and consideration if anyone responds. I hope this adds to the conversation and doesn't repeat what has already been stated regarding forum infrations. If this had already been answered about in-game infractions please just link the thread and I'll read it. Thank you.