I led us away from the camp, to a place more quiet and hidden.

Once we had found a place somewhat secluded, I went about gathering kindling for a fire.

"All right, then," I smiled, as I stood before the fire I had created. "I am going to turn my back and get some things ready. No peeking now!"

"Oh, very well," laughed Deverell, though I could tell she was eager to see what I was cooking up for her.

I turned around and fetched my pack, settling down with my back toward the fire.

From my pack, I took the plates, forks, and knives I had secreted there from Adso's camp while no one was looking. I also brought out the pie that Gennyrose had gifted me from the Chief while back in Bree-town and cut a slice for each us.

Lastly, I fetched two of the six bottles of Honeybrew that Master Dannigan had gifted me, from the parcel I found in Bree that morning, all while keeping an eye out for Deverell trying to sneak a peek at what I was doing.