The "Stylish" Extension is also available for Safari --

Home page for style inventory -

1- Download from:
2. Double click on the download, to Install Stylish for Safari as an extension.
2a -- answer the OSX security question.
3- In Safari/Preferences - Extensions, verify that you have Extensions "On" and that Styllish is enabled.
4- On the left of the Browser bar is a box with an "S" in it -- click to open Stylish's control box, and click "Find More" in the window that pops up.
5- search for LOTRO
6- In the display page which opens, select "LotRO Forums 2013" -- this is the most current (2 August) version to display goldenrod colored text.

The extension takes effect immediately as soon as you install a style. Just refresh a Forums THREAD page... the index pages don't change.

It's all CSS... so have fun.

There is also a forum thread on the topic: