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    Tailor Crafted Relics

    There used to be Embroidered Tapestry of the Battle of the Fords of Isen, which used Compendium of Middle Earth Vol III, and it was good for someone level 70-something. The Legendary Tailor recipe NPC no longer sells the recipe. How do we get it now? Thank you in advance for anyone who can solve this strange mystery. Is it just the NPC in Galtrev?
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    This item seems to have undergone a name change. While the Embroidered 'Battle of the Fords of Isen' Tapestry Recipe is gone, there is an Embroidered 'Battle of Dagorlad' Tapestry Recipe that has taken its place in the guild's Legendary Recipe vendor listing.

    The components have stayed the same, and the Guild Leader barters it for the expected gold level 75 relics, so it looks like a simple name change on the item, nothing more.
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