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i agree with op 100%

We really need some way to view our character data outside of the game, whether it be viewing the equipment, stats, crafting levels, deed completion history, or simply the total money we have on any of our character. Doing this in-game simply takes a lot of time and as the op pointed out its really hard to keep track of these attribute on multiple toons at once..

I for one have multiple toons on multiple servers, which means I now need to completely exit the game and restart it to get to my alts on other worlds which is just ridiculous.

Being a software developer myself I can understand the difficulty that the team faces with keeping up with broken forms (the old ones ie) and the character data gathering service but I would say making an API and giving it to other developers is a good alternative (this was there before as well when other websites simply get the data out of my.lotro and data.lotro) so they can make there own webapps and save us the impossible hassle.

I hope they take it into consideration
I concur. Also being a software developer, it makes no sense to me to have trashed the API. Operating a server farm with the data.lotro.com database should not require much human intervention once it's set up. It seems to me that Turbine is shooting itself in the foot by failing to maintain and/or dumping this database. So many independent developers have provided the community with valuable tools based on the lotro api. Eliminating their ability to access game data simply means that there will be pressure on Turbine to fill the gap. I would much rather see the Devs working on game content than dealing with things that can be more efficiently handled by outside developers. The other option which is the direction Turbine seems to be going is not to meet these needs at all. This seems to be a classic case of "Throwing the baby out with the bathwater."