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    New Loremaster question

    I'm taking a new loremaster through the intro and hope to play this one up through the quests, (my other loremaster on Imladris was built to be a crafting toon, so I haven't really done much else with her).

    I've never really done much with the loremaster class before, so I'm pretty new at it. I was wondering how does one activate flanked? I noticed on the sign of battle: wizard's fire, that if flanked is activated when using it, that it also provides some morale recovery. Is there a way to activate flanked or is it completely random?


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    When your pet attacks opponent it has a change to cause flankin effect. Some pets do that more often than others. Here's a short video how it works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlyGmLvZhfw

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    As Napa-Ahma said, flanking is something that happens randomly when your pet uses an auto-attack on a mob. Different pets have different flanking rates. The legendary pets (Eagle and Bog Lurker) have the highest flanking rates. Out of the non-legendaries, Raven has the highest. At very high levels, I believe we get a pet that flanks on command (haven't gotten that far yet myself).

    Flank rate is linked to attack speed, and so effects that increase attack speed/decrease attack duration of the pet will result in a higher flanking rate. Buff your pet with Sign of the Wild: Rage to increase its flanking rate.

    The flank effect is accompanied by purple arrows flashing briefly around the mob, and a sound effect (sounds a bit like a cell phone ringing to me). Get used to watching or listening for it so that you can take advantage of it. As you noticed, it allows you self-heal with Wizard's Fire. It also adds other effects to other skills, such as increased damage or power return. Starting at level 44, you can even use a certain skill+trait combo to share the healing from Wizard's Fire with a designated target.

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    thank you both very much for the tips!

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    The spirit pet, last pet for now, has an ability to trigger a flanking effect. This pet doesn't attack is mainly a healing pet.

    Newbie LM, just hit 85 the other day, so I am learning how to use it effectively in raids.

    I tend to run with the Bog-Lurker or the Lynx for the surprise attack and steath. The lurker does decent damage and is great at pulling from distance.
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    the more often it attacks and the more often it crits the more it seems to flank in my experience. I mostly run the Raven pet, I place sign of wild rage on it and I use the rage stickpin. I get a lot of flank responses that way.
    and there are 3 ways to spend the flank, staff-strike for a quick melee hit that does more damage, staff-sweep that gives u a little power over time, or the wizard's fire heal.
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