After recently abandoning my dead kin, and becoming kinless for the first time since the very beginning of lotro, I am now looking for a new kin to call home.

A little bit about me:

I've been playing lotro since the very beginning, I am a very casual player. Due to my work, I can go weeks without logging in, and then during school holidays I'll log in most days. Despite being a casual player, I have two level capped toons, a minstrel who is geared well enough for what I like to do and a runekeeper. I also have 8 other toons at different stages of leveling, which I go though phases of playing (currently my level 43 burglar).
I don't group very often, almost never these days if I'm honest. I've not tried any of the most recent instances, actually the last time I grouped with any regularity was when OD was released (quite a while ago!). However, I would be willing to group once in a while.
In my previous kin I started as a recruit and ended up as kin leader. I loved working with my kin, at our highest point we were very active and ran activities regularly.

What I'm looking for in a kin:

I'm looking for a nice, small friendly kin, preferrably with 10 or less active members; chatty but don't expect you to join in with conversations all the time. I've been in a large kin before and it didn't suit me. A kin that helps each other out, but won't get offended when I just want to get on with my own thing (I love helping people out, but sometimes I just log in to relax by myself). Also a kin that will not boot me out if I don't log in for 6 weeks, it really can be that long in between log ins if I get really busy.

So this was a bit longer than I expected so thanks for reading.

If you think you might me the right kin for me, then please /tell me ingame to either Allrianne, Aikanar or Lioba. Or if I'm not online, then please pm me.