Hello fellow masters of Lore!
After all my years playing Lotro (founder/lifer), I have finally took a LM to max level and having a blast so far.
So to further my knowledge and in hopes of becoming all i can be, im looking for advice from all you vets out there.
Running group content , i have no problem with stun immunity duty, i just whant to use it wisely, so that I am not spamming it the entire time .
For example

Sammmy run: I cast it as we head down the firs halll and second where gaunt warcallers(IIRC their names) are.
Bells: i believe its only the first boss who stuns
School: Last boss?
BfE: Tanks! whole time
FLM: if im the only one i concentrate on keeping it up on Tanks and Healers

there are so many more instances out there!!
and i hope you can all share your thoughts with me, to build this up for me and all other LMs, to be more prepared come group time!