Hey everyone,one of my friends' account has been banned since 4 days ago. He tried to submit a ticket to the in-game support team to file an appeal, but only received an email said that:"Your account was accessed from a location confirmed to be involved in gold farming and gold selling activities. It will remain permanently suspended and all future inquiries will be closed without response."
Then, he tried to login this website——my.lotro.com?but he saw this note: "You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified.Date the ban will be lifted: Dec 13 2040, 10:18 PM"
——This note is strange - -|||What's the meaning of "NO REASON"?
By the way,he said he never did anything about gold farming or gold selling. If really did, it must be someone else hacked his account. He submitted a ticket to the lotro accounts/store support team yesterday, but still don't receive any response. Since he received an email said"all future inquiries will be closed without response", this won't help.
Er,my English is too poor to describe this problem clearly,do someone know this?