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    Yes, it is much faster for me now.

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    Faster! A lot!

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    Yes the speed is wonderful now.

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    Yup, loads faster!

    (pun intended)

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    Seems faster to me as well.

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    Echo what many folks have said - this runs MUCH more smoothly than the prior forum. Clicking links actually take you to the pages, as opposed to the "blue circle of death".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khafar View Post
    I realize they didn't want to spend the time and $$ to do full custom theming
    It took me half a day. >_>
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    A whole lot faster! I love the new forums. Just hope they can get the bugs out of the lottery system too, and then I will be extremely happy!
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    Much faster for me using Chrome. I have yet to try FF or IE yet to see if there is a noticeable improvement there, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    New back end.
    New core systems.
    New hardware.
    New load balancing.
    New databases.
    Reduced overhead.
    Definitely the right direction. I was personally sick of all the (tbh) bloated sections and unnecessary processing that seemed to be going on over the past few years. Yeah, some folks will undoubtedly be upset with the loss of many of the sections that existed before, but I'm digging the cleaner streamlined approach. It is now 300% easier to navigate, zippier, and I can actually find what I'm actually looking for. Long overdue, and thanks!

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    Loading a lot faster for me (on my 60Mbps connection) - nice not having to click several times to get a page to open - and getting logged out in the process. Yes not being able to stay logged in for more than 45 mins is annoying but something I can live with until I can be hassled to look at the workround.

    As to what has gone - I rarely used anything other than forums of lotteries given my kinship never showed (ex CM pre move kinship) and the data wasn't there fpor a lot of what i was wearing. I tended to use LOTRO Wiki anyway when I was looking for stuff as well. Feels now like the forums of other games I ahve played in the past - and loads as fast
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    Yeah definitely faster. In fact I had noticed the improvement in speed already 2 weeks before the changes of forums after the last update.


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