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    Quote Originally Posted by Formengil View Post
    Another annoyance is that the fishing animations are longer than they used to be, so you can't cast as many times in a given period as you could when these quests were first created.
    I am not familiar with the old fishing mechanics. They made it LONGER? Why, praytell, would they do that? To add to the excitement of fishing? ;>

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    The same here on Maiar. I caught one festival fish during my 20 minutes in Thorin`s Hall. That`s frustrating. I only do the fishing quest for the deed.

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    Rare Fish

    I've read through the forums on this rare fish thing and I see a number of valid points on both sides of the equation.

    However, I toss my support in with the feller who pointed out the extreme difficulty in finishing a social title during a limited time festival. For dedicated fisherman with 200 Skill, a +5 or better pole, and any other skill bonus items such as the horseshoe - this should have been a slam dunk by festival's end, especially an extended fest.

    This deed is virtually impossible for a casual player with limited time.

    I am of the former variety and personally felt this was an insult to the 200 skill I spent acquiring and a colossal waste of my time.

    I taught a kinsman to fish at the start of the festival (His skill=0, My skill = 200), we both hit all the ponds every day and by near the festivals end he had MORE of the rares than I did - what? That makes absolutely no sense at all to me, especially since the festival advertises "show off your skill" . . . how's that again?

    As for the drop rates on the basic fish, I do agree with the other feller who pointed out the RoI on time vs token income and while I still feel very strongly that skill should matter, the token income rate seems pretty much in line with most festival quests.

    But seriously, fishing for 20min and catching 5 useful fish in some cases did not make this part of the festival fun at all - in fact, rather quite the opposite. I don't mind grinding if I know I can accomplish something, but grinding when you have a decent chance of coming up empty handed really ruined it for me.


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    i came here to look for possible ways to avoid getting goldfish and weed, but it seems that the festival fishing quests are designed for the extreme players with mental issues and not for regular folks like me who play for fun and laughs and not as a test for mental anguish limits and breaking point. the only reason why i even bothered is because of the welcome mat, but i'll just have to live w/o it

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    There's no point in even bothering with the 20 minute fishing quests in Bree, Celondim, and Thorin's. The only one worth doing is Bywater since it doesn't provide junk 80-90% of the time. This desperately needs to be fixed for the next Summer festival. I can get just as much out of 10 minutes at Bywater as I usually do out of 60 combined minutes from the other fishing quests. Quite frankly, that is just plain idiotic design.

    Fixing these little things will go a long way to restoring people's faith that Turbine actually cares about its players. As a company, you have a long way to go. This is a good one to add to the list.

    Edit - And that list is the list from which stuff actually gets fixed, not ignored.


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