None of my characters are displayed
If the lottery page shows no characters, you may need to switch to a different subscription. At the top of the page, look to the right of the "Logged in as "; if you see a drop-down arrow there, mouse over it and select the other subscription listed. This will switch you to that subscription and should have your characters listed and allow them to enter any running lotteries they are eligible for.

I have been a VIP player on Brandywine for 3 months now. I only have this one account with a subscription (I use the exact same username/password to log in to the website here as I do in-game). I have never been able to view any of my 6 of 7 characters from the server on the website here (Main toon is 85). I was hoping the new revamp of the site would fix this, but apparently it didn't. I have no "drop-down arrow" next to "Logged in as" in the top right of the page, so what do I need to do in order to have my character information(s) populated to the website? I would really like to participate in Lotteries when they become available.