Yet another rank 12 on the server, this time with one of the most widely respected WLs out there - Chieftain Crygin!

Famous for often getting bored and soloing Garry to pass the time among many other things, Cry has finally found the time to kill some freeps instead of wasting time 1v1ing champs (which often go on for hours...) and we now ./salute you, chief.

I also hasten to add that Cry suspiciously lost connection just as he died on Lugz hill - his body remained there for hours, a broken reminder of the passion of the creeps of yesteryear and the struggle of creeps trying to survive in the harsh moors. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. I was only in a group with him for a few minutes... (QQ)

So gratz Cry, onwards to rank 13 and maybe *just maybe* you can now kill Aktis in a 1v1!