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    Will Turbine allow this?

    Posted from the multibox definition thread discussion. Would like an official response.

    Originally Posted by Sapience
    Multi-boxing (using more than one character at once either on the same PC or multiple PCs at once) - not a violation as long as someone is in front of the PC controlling them.

    Botting - Allowing unattended game play is a violation.
    Sapience, that response just isn't enough anymore. I understand you have stated that Turbine is looking into the 'misuse' of multiboxing. In this same thread we have a person stating they multibox 6 blackarrow creeps and a post discussing the well-known reaver-shredder here:

    You should come on our server when the 21 freaver multi-box army is on (yes 21), blowing up wardens in seconds and witness the hilarity of this well thought out policy in person sometime. Though you'll have to be fast as it usually kills the action for everyone quickly
    When the day comes that Turbine finalizes their policy on this matter, are these above examples going to be allowed or part of the serious bans that you spoke of? Or is this still a matter of internal debate at Turbine?
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    Asked and answered. Many times.



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